Zoe Perry and Lance Barber on playing parents to Sheldon Cooper in “Young Sheldon”

Ever since the show “The Big Bang Theory” ended people have hooked themselves to the new TV series “Young Sheldon” which talks about the childhood of Sheldon Cooper.

The story’s narration is done by Jim Parsons himself which proves to be very effective in pulling the fans towards the show.

Recently an interview was conducted with Mary and George Cooper aka Zoe Perry and Lance Barber about their experience on the show working with a child artist Iain Armitage.

The show “Young Sheldon” is presently on its third season. Zoe and Lance revealed how astounding, energizing, alarming and fantastic their experience has been, working with such youthful entertainers and conveying forward the inheritance of a notable show like The Big Bang Theory.

Q: Lance, tell us about your audition! How did you land the role for Sheldon’s father?

Lance: It was a standard audition. I got a call for the part and I went and read for the producers….

Zoe: You’re forgetting who else was there!

Lance: No, I think I auditioned once before because they were looking at other actors too. What I do remember is that you (Zoe) and I did a test reading together. And then they saw the spark!

Young Sheldon

Q: Were you nervous that you had to fill such big shoes and play the same role that was played by your mom?

Zoe: YES! Very! I went in thinking, “Gosh! If I screw this up—”

Lance: “—I’ll never work again!”

Zoe: “Yeah, I’ll never work again! What a sad story that would be!” Yeah, there was a fair amount of pressure in my own head. And when I found out that I got it, I was very excited but also didn’t want to let any fans down. I’m just happy that our show has been embraced in the way that it has. We feel really grateful.

Q: Is Iain Armitage anything like Sheldon in real life?

Lance: He’s exceptionally bright. Not in the way Sheldon is but in his own different way. The emotional-social is off the charts for that kid! Can’t do math at all. (laughs) But a very smart young man!

Q: On TBBT, we’ve seen grown-up Sheldon’s relationship with his mother, but never with his father (he has already passed away on the show). You never had a blueprint for the dynamic between Sheldon and George Cooper. How did you go about building one?

Lance: It was certainly a work in progress since Season 1. There were some things established in The Big Bang Theory, but they were in a different context and tone. The Sheldon that narrates our show turns out to be an older, wiser Sheldon than the one in TBBT. And his perspective on his family when he is with his friends on TBBT is perhaps different than the one narrating Young Sheldon. He sees his father as a different person, as a human for the first time.

Q: Will there ever be an episode where we will see you interact with an Indian family? We’ve met Raj (Kunal Nayyar) in The Big Bang Theory

Zoe: We’d love that! I think it’s a great idea.

Lance: The idea that this is a small Eastern Texas town, it is pretty insular, pretty non-diverse. That being said, we do have Tam (Sheldon’s Vietnamese-American childhood best friend and classmate, played by Ryan Phuong), whose parents are from Vietnam, and those stories are genuine. So an immigrant family from India or anywhere else in the world would be appropriate and fun for the writers to explore.


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