Why you should definitely be watching Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon”

The season finale of Game of Thrones broke hearts of many and what about the Jon being Targaryen. It didn’t give us the drama and the attention it needed nor we ever got to know the whole story behind Jon biological parents – Lyanna Stark, and Rhaegar Targaryen. There were so many sub plot whose answers were left to the viewers imagination.

But not anymore, as promised HBO is coming with Game of Thrones spin offs. The first one to arrive is “House of the Dragon”

Reasons to look out for this series –

Honestly those 9 years of dedicated binge watching and solving and creating mysteries and theories was not satisfied with the series finale.
To all the House Targaryen out there and even other houses which I know will watch the show

I still want to know about all the other ancestral characters of the house and about the era when Targaryen were ruling Kings Landing. This covers alot of stories even the story of Lyana and Rhaegar and how did they keep a secret like this and how did they fell in love in the first place.

Remember Viserys Targaryen and how he was sure he was the next king to be on the Iron Throne by his blood, well he was not a dragon blood after the famous melting gold incident it was proved.
Viserys never treated Daenerys like a sister rather he treated her as an object. These 2 were the last remnants of the exiled House Targaryen (of course before we came to know about Jon). How did these 2 survive and escape?

DRAGONS. All the houses were sure that the dragons along with the House Targaryen were extinct now. So did all the dragons die in the battlefield? There is also rumors that Aegon III Targaryen poisoned one dragon? What was the dance of dragon about?
Daenerys received three eggs as a gift on her wedding day by Illyrio Mopatis so how was this made possible?

The whole reign of Mad King was truly a remarkable story. Many referred Daenerys as the next Mad King too. This must have an explanation too. Does it run in the family itself? When did it start? Do all the powerful Targaryens turn mad? Do all of them go ‘Burn them all’ once in their lifetime?

Of course the famous theory of Night king being a former Targaryen. The original series did not cover even this. Remember the Spiral symbol which was left by the White Walkers more than once. This must have some significance and it it is true the show must be covering it.

Will the show be like the book? Will the show have any kind of tie up with George RR Martin if not as writers? The writers are one of the essential part of GOT we got to see vast difference in show quality content in the last few seasons, we wouldn’t want that to be repeated.


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