Initially, Kaley Cuoco was rejected for “The Big Bang Theory”

Being a die hard Big Bang Theory fan every fan deserves to know this special treat. Most of the fans are aware of the fact that the initial pilot episode was quite different from the original one.Penny wasn’t there, but Katie, played by Amanda Walsh, was. Turns out Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny, initially tried out for the female lead job.

In the initial pilot, the character of Penny [originally named Katie] was not as engaging as that famous young lady nearby. It was not the entertainer [Amanda Walsh] but instead the conceit of the character.

Luckily, Nina Tassler, at that point leader of CBS Entertainment, acknowledged the team that they had something exceptional and stated, ‘How about we do it once more.”

kaley cuoco

Furthermore, when they did it once more, they got Kaley Cuoco.

“I didn’t get the role of Katie the first time around. I was too young, which I love saying because I don’t get to say that I’m too young anymore,” she told the interviewer with a laugh. “Then, a year later, I heard they were doing it again, and they brought me back in to read for Penny.”

And the rest is history. (‘knock knock’ Penny, ‘knock knock’ Penny , ‘knock knock’ Penny )

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