Why is Jared Leto not happy with the recent DC’s Joker movie?

The grand opening of movie Joker was well anticipated given the fact the honors Joker received even before its release.

Now that the movie is in theatres everyone just can’t stop praising the movie and everyone can’t stop praising the Oscar worthy performance of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker.

But there is someone who is not at all pleased with the ways things have turned out to be.

Actor Jared Leto was reportedly alienated and upset about Warner Bros’ decision to greenlight a solo Joker movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, which was released on October 2 in India.

As per a Hollywood Reporter profound plunge into the creation of the independent Joker film, “(studio manager Kevin) Tsujihara greenlit Joker, which cost under $70 million, leaving Jared Leto — who played Joker in Suicide Squad — estranged and irritated with the move.”

Leto played the villian in Batman in 2016’s Suicide Squad, however his presentation was met with fan analysis. It was later detailed that quite a bit of his work had been left on the cutting room floor after the studio led enormous scale a minute ago reshoots.

Leto, an Oscar-victor, had prior said that he was likewise befuddled about the eventual fate of his contribution in the DC Extended Universe.

In a meeting post the declaration of Phoenix’s Joker film, he’d stated, “I’m somewhat confounded, as well. In any case, better believe it, there are two or three things occurring in the DC world.” He’d included, “I cherish the Joker. He’s an incredible character and extremely fun character to play. Be that as it may, it’s a major universe and when you play the Joker, there’s no proprietorship there. There are different movies that are being developed and I’m eager to perceive what originates from them.”


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