Venom may get introduced in Spider Man 3

Last month was a bit of a roller coaster ride for Spider Man given the rising tension between Sony and Disney regarding Spider Man’s survival in MCU.

But things were sorted out recently and both agreed on common terms and drafted new agreement regarding Spider Man’s future in MCU.

Marvel Studios will create another Spider-Man film for Sony. With this, they can likewise utilize Spidey in a crossover film that Disney will be releasing. In addition, this likewise raises the odds that it could acquire Venom in MCU.

Not long ago, we discovered that Marvel president Kevin Feige formally discussed Sony’s very own side project universe of Spidey. This imaginary world as of now has an exceptionally effective Venom movie.

A continuation of the film is as of now under work. However, the official declaration by Feige makes numerous things clear. One of these is that Tom Holland will definitely show up in future Spider-Man side projects. This additionally incorporates the Upcoming Venom Movie.

Starting at now, obviously Sony needs more acknowledgment from the MCU. The Venom establishment is the best open door they will get for this extension.

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