Stranger Things season 4 to include 4 new characters to the show

Stranger Things season 4 is on its full swing and is expected to release soon. A lot of things were unraveled earlier in season 3 and it seemed that everything had come to an almost end.

But there are still somethings left unresolved like Hopper’s fate in future season which is expected to be a secret weapon for Stranger Things season 4.

Now that the gang of Stranger Things won’t be in Hawkins anymore, we’ve all been wondering what direction Season 4 will go in.

A new town means new faces, four to be exact. Sources affirm that the Duffer Brothers are hoping to cast four new male repeating jobs including three young people and one grown-up,

The new roles will supposedly include a metal-head, a jerky jock, and a Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High stoner type according to the sources.

Stranger Things season 4

But the spotlight of Stranger Things season 4 will be on Hopper’s character as no one is entirely convinced that Hopper is dead, with many fans suspecting he’s actually “the American” held up in a Russian prison.

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