Stranger Things Season 4 : Is Hopper alive?

Its not that long ago when Netflix announced its renewal pact with Stranger Things for season 4 by releasing the teaser and the fans can’t stop rejoicing about it.

Stranger Things season 3 lived quite up to the expectations of the fans and offered a gripping storyline to the viewers.

Stranger Things season 4

Stranger Things season 4 is expected to be even more thrilling given the events that turned out in the season 3. Many unsolved mysteries may get resolved in the coming season but we have a very important theory regarding Hopper.

As we all know that season 3 ended on a sad note depicting Hopper’s death and every character seems to part their ways to move on in life.

Stranger Things season 4

But what if I tell you that Hopper may be alive and the show creators might be building a plot to make Hopper’s comeback in Stranger Things 4.

The new Stranger Things 4 mystery additionally provides out some insight that Jim Hopper is alive. Towards the finish of Stranger Things Season 3, we saw Hopper vanish as Joyce shut the door to The Upside Down.

Stranger Things season 4

After the door was shut, a gigantic impact happened, apparently vaporizing anybody in the region. The new mystery is offering a couple of enticing pieces of information about the destiny of Jim Hopper and all our preferred Hawkins, Indiana inhabitants. Jim Hopper is played by David Harbor.

Just before the machine detonated, Hopper had all of a sudden vanished from the machine’s side. On the off chance that we see the scene intently, Hopper is never again remaining by the machine when it’s going to explode, we can imagine that Hopper is alive.

The screen goes dark for 6 seconds after Joyce turned the keys, leaving a lot of space for elucidation about what occurred in the middle of the time she shut her eyes and when the machine really detonated.

So, its unfair to think that Stranger Things season 4 may start on a new or different storyline just because the teaser says We are not in Hawkins.

Just like the fans we all wish to see Hopper coming back to the storyline in Stranger Things season 4 and begin his romantic relationship with Joyce.

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