Is Yuri on Ice on Netflix? Watch All Episode from Anywhere

by Hailey Greg
Is Yuri on Ice on Netflix

The world of Japanese anime is wild and crazy; we simply cannot get enough of it!

Yuri On Ice is yet another promising Japanese sports anime television series written and directed by Sayo Yamamoto. Scroll down below to read the plot and story of Yuri!!! On Ice is produced by MAPPA Studios.

Yuri on Ice Plot

The Japanese sports anime follows the story of Yūri Katsuki who has his eyes set on the Grand Prix Finale ice skating competition. Carrying all of Japan’s hopes on his shoulders to win the game, Yuri suffers a crushing defeat which leaves a question mark on the future of his ice skating career. Only after he comes across the five-time consecutive world champion ice skater Victor Nikiforov and a young Russian figure skater Yuri Plisetsky is he willing to take up the challenge of an unprecedented Gran Prix series.

Yuri on Ice Story

Yuri Katsuki, a Japanese figure skater, faces a crushing defeat during the Grand Prix finals which leaves him devastated. After he returns home, he is unable to decide whether to continue his skating career or retire. At the same time, a video of Yuri mimicking the famous Russian figure ice skater Victor Nikiforov’s famous routine ‘Stay Close to Me’  goes viral and it also catches the attention of the five-time consecutive world champion. Despite all the concerns he faces at the hands of his coach, fans, and fellow young Russian skater Yuri Plisetsky, Victor decides to become Yuri Katsuki’s coach to reignite his passion to win the Grand Prix Final. During their encounter, the two develop a strong bond and support each other to accomplish what they both dream of.

Is Yuri on Ice on Netflix – How to Watch Yuri on Ice on Netflix

You can watch Yuri on Ice on Netflix. If you are outside the US, use a VPN to stream Yuri on Ice for free.

Where to Watch Yuri on Ice on Netflix?

Yuri On Ice is not a Netflix-exclusive show, and that’s why it is not available in every region. People who lived in Japan are able to stream Yuri On Ice on Netflix.

Is Yuri on Ice on Netflix Available in Other Countries?

Netflix does have Yuri on Ice but only in Japan

Yuri on Ice Age Restriction and Genre

Yuri on Ice is an animated movie including Comedy, Sports & Gay Romance. It is rated TV-14.

Yuri on Ice Cast

Toshiyuki Toyonaka
C. Clinton Campbell
Wataru Hatano
Junichi Suwabe
Kei Hayami
K. Uchiyama
K. Sakai
Ayumu Murase
Mariya Ise

Yuri on Ice Trailer

Yuri on Ice – IMDb Rating

Yuri on Ice has received 8.3/10 from 7400 voters.

Yuri on Ice – Genre

Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport.

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