How to Watch Buried Secrets of WWII Season 1

by Hailey Greg
Buried Secrets of WWII

If you are a history buff then this series is made for you. Not only is it the best show when it comes to exploring the war and hidden secrets within history, but it also is produced in a way that is extremely visually appealing. The main theme revolves around a military historian and a computer whiz who use 21st-century tools to peel away the present and analyze the past as they uncover the hidden mysteries of the deadliest battle in human history.

Unfortunately, this program does not air live on television. However, you may watch it online through Disney plus or Sky Go. But, if you are not using these streaming websites, or they are not available in your area, it’s the perfect chance to download a VPN.

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What happened in ‘Buried Secrets of WWII’ Season 1

Every episode unfolds a different story, but in season 1 the best one was based at Eora Creek, where Hovermap pointed out specific spots where ground excavation may unearth artifacts and provide critical insights into the Pacific War.

Jeremy Sofonia of Emesent was offered a chance to appear in the National Geographic series “Buried Secrets of WWII,” and he knew he couldn’t pass it up. Hover map was tasked with photographing a WWII battleground in the highlands of central Papua New Guinea using his expertise in drone and LiDAR mapping.

Hovermap’s LiDAR technology allows for in-depth scanning, even while looking through the treetops. The team was able to reconstruct the events of the Pacific War thanks in large part to their meticulous mapping of the forest terrain, which revealed several places, including battle positions and encampments, that had previously been obscured.

Like this episode, there are plenty more to stimulate your knowledge.

Cast of Buried Secrets of WWII Season 1


This series is quite new and does not have much of a fandom yet, but like everything else on National Geographic, it showcases important content that is informative, fun, and better for people to absorb.

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