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by Hailey Greg

A mystery blonde bombshell named Angelyne existed long before Paris Hilton or the Kardashians for who she was rather than for what she had accomplished. She is credited by many with creating the concept of celebrity status. Angelyne became influential before Twitter and Instagram existed by being the Billboard Queen.

This is a story inspired by everything Angeline stands for, becoming who you are and believing in your inner strength to make your dreams come true. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Rossum explained that Angeline, the person, and the purpose of the show seek to challenge the idea of ​​identity and the ability to truly know everything about someone. . Ever since she was a little girl, Angeline has believed that fame is her destiny, and she has made it happen. 

The storyline revolves around Angeline attending a punk show, taking a deep dive, getting into a Corvette, going through a deep betrayal, making a blood contract, smashing a guitar, and finally transforming.

Gods and Fairies

Angeline always wanted to be on the billboard and be the talk of the town. In the journey she embarked on, she experienced casting couch and powerplay. So, while her wild ride continued it drew a lot of jealous competition, but she found her way to fame

Glow in the Dark Queen of the Universe

With the amount of success that Angeline attained she got movie roles, was in the hot seat, and even met an artist who paints celebrity portraits telling her that she is the star. Angeline got the fame she wanted, but the revelation was a huge shock.

The Tease

Based on the struggles of Angelyne, she had to face lawsuits, hire a private detective, gotten empty threats. She didn’t want to lose her fame which is why she was unsure of the documentary about her life.

Pink Clouds

It has the reality that the world didn’t get to see much about Angelyne, knowing her up close about who she really was. The story reaches a point where it has funerals and lost years.

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