Rogue Agent Review: A spectacular play of a real-life story

by Hailey Greg

Based on Michael Bronner’s article “Chasing Agent Freegard”, Rogue Agent is one of the latest thriller films to hit the cinemas and the reviews we have received so far will entice you to go watch it right away.

The film is a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase and follows a heartbroken woman who is determined to fulfill her insatiable need to get justice against a vile man. Michael Bronner has co-written the screenplay alongside Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn, the director of the films. The story features Robert Freegard as the main antagonist who is a real-life reminder of the fact that the worst monster lives amongst humans while those dreamed up in literature are simply overhyped. 

Robert Freegard was a real-life imposter and conman and Rogue Agent explores how he would find and target his potential prey. James Norton has done a really good job to portray this evil character who pretends to be an MI5 agent working against the IRA. He successfully manipulates, kidnaps, enslaves, and swindles his victims and subjects them to physical and mental abuse. There is a brief summation of his tactics and his victims but still, is unable to explore the narrative of what goes inside the mind of a cruel man. However, the focus soon shifts to one of his victims, who finds a way to con the con man.

With his charm and irresistible smile, Robert finds a way to manipulate a number of victims to use or torture for his personal gain. Gemma Arterton narrates the opening scene and explains how a spy deceives others meanwhile, Robert ingratiates with a bunch of university students and introduces himself as an MI5 spy. The tactics are the same as of a rakish agent who would appear to be extraordinarily charming and lovable but soon throws away the notion by abusing his powers and targeting vulnerable people, endangering them and the lives of their loved ones. It takes him 9 years to finally find his match in the shape of Alice Archer played by Gemma Arterton.

The best thing about this suspense thriller is that even though Freegard is shown to be the main antagonist, the narrative never gives power to him and Alice appears to be the one controlling everything. There is a blend of fictitious events with those documented in real-life. Be it kidnapping, sexual abuse, physical violence, and illegal means, the movie has it all and more to keep you glued to the screens. 

Alice Archer is the apparent hero of the movie who wants to reclaim her power and take revenge on the monster who defrauded and abused her for her own peace of mind. It’s Alice’s insatiable need to get vengeance that turns the table around and Robert does not see it coming.

There is drama then there is suspense, which makes Rogue Agent an entertaining ride. The film premiered on AMC on August 12, 2022, and has a runtime of 115 minutes. Go watch it now to witness the real-life story of Robert Freegard.

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