Bromates Review: Done Before and Better

by Hailey Greg
Bromates Review

When bros become single, they often share a stronger bond than ever. This may be a narrative we all have heard repeatedly, and ‘Bromates’ tried to remake it once again and undoubtedly failed. Josh Brener and Lil Rel Howery star in Bromates, a 2022 American buddy comedy film directed by Court Crandall. Snoop Dogg is credited as an executive producer of the film.

When best friends Jonesie and Sid both break up with their girlfriends, they decide to move in together in a misguided attempt to help each other get through this tough time. Alongside their pals Angry Mike and Runway Dave, things move quickly from heartbreak to hilarity to life and potentially death.

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Brothers in our media are meant to be together and have fruitful relationships that are prioritized before women. That’s the situation with Jonesy and Sid, two pals in the newest feature film by Court Crandall who can’t seem to see a breach in their friendship. Rather than any conflict, the film shows these guys as they comfort one another through times of emotional distress.

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Young comedians such as Lil Riley Howery (Go!) and Josh Brenner (Baked in Brooklyn!)The two best pals Jonsie and Sid are complete opposites. Angry Mike (Asif Ali) and Runway Dave (Brendan Scannell) are his two best buddies, and together they plot everything from parties and self-centred coping techniques to daring escapes. In short order, they find out that heartbreak isn’t the only painful emotion.

The humor in Bromates is more for men

 Without ever attempting to be anything other than a comedy for the ‘guys’, “Bromates” thrives only at that goal. The plot centres on sexual antics and mischief. It’s humorous in that regard. A giggle is guaranteed with Jonesie, Angry Mike, and Runway Dave. The shenanigans of the frat boys in Bromates are delivered uncensored. This is mainly the best aspect of the movie that creates a huge space for a laugh, yet it only serves the sexually charged frat boy community.

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The story is felt dragging due to a weak storyline. The greatest comedic actors make up their lines on the spot. Although effective at times, this often causes the plot to drag on. A lot of the padding is boring and unnecessary. Court Crandall, who directed and co-wrote “Old School” and “A Lobster Tale,” wanted additional depth. It would have been possible for him to pad the script with jokes while keeping the best parts.

When adapting the screenplay for the big screen, the bros have challenges in providing an entertaining and engaging experience for the audience. Perhaps it’s because neither of the two major characters, Jonesy (the gregarious female male) nor Sid (the more restrained guy who has trouble conducting non-threatening interactions with women), is interesting.

However, these individuals seldom ever get the chance to reflect on who they are apart from their relationships or examine why they feel the urgent need to move on so rapidly.

When the narrative of Bromates centres on a ridiculous side story involving a trip to Texas to follow a girl called Darlene (Taryn Manning) who Sid has a soft spot, the film becomes disturbing and extremely disrespectful. A sudden appearance by Snoop Dogg, in character.

Even with the credit, he can hardly accomplish as much. Bromates’s next chapters are just as disjointed and stitched together as the first, leading naturally to the same conclusion. The movie keeps cranking out horrible jokes and won’t stop trying to be funny, so there’s not much anybody can do to salvage it. After a time, nothing makes any sense.

The screenplay for what should have been a lighthearted, audience-pleasing film on the importance of friendship in trying times seems to have been abandoned without a clear direction. Because of this, the film fails to even adequately impress, and even when it does, it undermines the concepts of the story.

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When the movie ends, it’s obvious that something wasn’t included. Not a well-executed attempt at conveying a narrative about the development of friendship. Instead, it’s about two friends who are going through the same kind of loss but are handling it in very different ways. It’s fascinating to see how both of them handled the split. While Sid sinks into a deep depression, Johnsy acts immaturely to bury her emotions. However, because of their current environment, none of these factors can stick.

The Brotherhood

It did a lot of things well, like planting concepts about male brotherhood and development, which helped it stand out as a comedy that was worth watching. At times, bro-bonding is inevitable.

Manifests as a string of luck-of-the-draw events involving a group of closest friends. The film suffers from a lack of a cohesive plot and instead seems like a collection of comedic skits. Besides his volatile nature, the other characters in the story don’t amount to anything.

The film ultimately fails to deliver because it does not dare to try anything new and instead recycles a plot and concept that have been explored elsewhere and done better.

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There isn’t much to say about the work of performers who have achieved phenomenal success in providing comic performances that can last for a long time for the audience to see just once.


Based on 5 reviews, the film has a 0% approval rating on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

“There’s an enormous effort to entertain, but Bromates runs out of ideas faster than it can provide organic laughs,” observed Brittany Witherspoon of Screen Rant, who gave the picture two out of five stars.

The film was reviewed negatively by MovieWeb’s Julian Roman, who nonetheless found some humor in it and highlighted a few particularly memorable moments.

The legendary comedians in the ensemble cast keep the laughter coming.

The trouble with Bromates is that it loses its momentum halfway through.

There isn’t really a plot here, just a bunch of sketches strung together. And that’s why the movie is clearly not worth the watch. As the title suggests, they are better comedies out there, which are better done.

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