Will Smith Says that his Role in ‘Emancipation’ was Hard on him Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally

by Hailey Greg
Will Smith Says his role in Emancipation was hard

Will Smith’s next big screen role will be in Emancipation, which will premiere on AppleTV+. Peter, the slave he portrays, is famously shown in a photograph that has become a symbol of the cruelty of slavery. However, he managed to escape and make his way across Louisiana before enrolling in the Union army. In a harrowing glimpse at plantation life in the South, Emancipation follows Smith’s character through all the atrocities.

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Smith recently spoke with Vanity Fair about his forthcoming movie and the challenges he faced during filming. After reading up on Peter’s struggles, though, Smith is grateful for the part and calls him an inspiration.

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“It took a lot of work to put on Peter’s mask and behave like him. Certainly for myself, but also for everyone else involved in making the film. On set, we had access to therapists and spiritual guides. A preacher was present. Our souls were crushed by the constant recalling of a race’s cruel treatment. I’m not sure I’d ever want to “shake off” Peter. It was Peter who first explained to me the idea that both heaven and hell are only mental places. An incredible gift has been the chance to put myself in Peter’s shoes and attempt to fathom what it must be like inside the head of a guy who has been through what he has been through and lived to tell the tale. I’ve found fresh motivation and been able to increase my capacity for empathy because of this.”

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Paul Ben-Victor, Mustafa Shakir, and Dave Davis all make appearances, and the cast also includes Smith, Ben Foster, Grant Harvey, David Denman, Steven Ogg, Charmain Bingwa, Imani Pullum, and Charmain Bingwa. The release date for Emancipation has been scheduled on the 9th of December, and it will be available exclusively on AppleTV+.

Emancipation, starring Will Smith, receives rave reviews from the actor’s celebrity friends who saw it at a private screening. Director Antoine Fuqua of Emancipation Apple TV+: Feedback on Will’s Oscar Slap Liberation

Emancipation is directed by the seasoned Hollywood veteran Antoine Fuqua. The 56-year-old director won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his work on Training Day with Denzel Washington in 2001. In addition to those films, his credits also include The Equalizer, Southpaw, The Magnificent Seven, and Infinite.

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Thankfully, Smith’s career seems to be moving forward at full speed, and supporters can only pray that he gets recognized this year with an award of some kind. The release date for Emancipation on Apple TV+ is December 9.

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