Travis Scott is Set to Produce The late Hip-Hop Pioneer DJ Screw’s Biopic

by Hailey Greg
Travis Scott is Set to Produce The late Hip-Hop Pioneer DJ Screws Biopic

Hip-hop mogul Travis Scott has signed on to executive produce a new Columbia Pictures film based on DJ Screw. According to Deadline, director Isaac Yowman has joined the team and production is about to begin. This revelation comes only a few days before the 22nd anniversary of DJ Screw’s death. Yowman said that Scott joined the team after he discovered their mutual admiration for the late rap icon.

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The whole Cactus Jack crew was present when I visited the LA headquarters with my brother Earl, as Yowman describes. To put it simply, Trav and I sat and spoke for nearly an hour, speculating on the potential awesomeness of this notion. We both adore Screw, and he assured me that I had his unwavering backing. Since we both have St. Louis roots, his participation means much more to us.

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DJ Screw’s sister, Michelle Wheeler, is a fan of it, too. She speaks about the thrill of seeing her late brother’s life story being adapted into a film at last. Scott and Sony, the parent company of Columbia Pictures, are the ones she says really got the ball rolling on the movie, she says.

The importance of “carrying on my brother’s work,” she stated. Truthfully, it’s been a fun ride thus far. Wow, I can’t believe we’re going to film a movie. We’d been contacted by a dozen or more moviemakers over the years, but this was the first time I felt completely at ease. I appreciate Sony and Travis coming along on this adventure with us to help carry on my brother Screw’s work.

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Forefather of the “chopped and screwed” style, DJ Screw also led the Houston hip-hop group Screwed Up Click. After gaining respect in the hip-hop scene via his hundreds of mixtapes, he tragically passed away at the young age of 29 from an overdose in the year 2000. DJ Screw’s legacy continues to grow after his death as more fans discover his music. Obviously, a biography would be the best way to increase the late musician’s profile.

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Much effort has been put into researching DJ Screw so that his tale may be told fairly. Yowman claims that the DJ’s brother Charles and sister Michelle are involved in the production and that they’ve also met with other industry figures that knew the DJ, such as Lil’ Keke, Bun B, and D-Reck.

Yowman claims that tremendous progress has been made in the last year. “The studio and I, together with Travis’s team, have been talking to writers, trying to figure out how to write this thing in the best possible manner. The narrative of Screw, a music legend who is almost a deity in the South, must be handled with care.

The DJ Screw movie has yet to be given a title, and its cast hasn’t been announced. The project is progressing in pre-production.

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