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by Hailey Greg

With summer nearing its end, we know the cold days of fall are just around the corner. And, with those shorter, chilly days, one thing we can look forward to is the attack of new programming coming our way. From Tim Burton’s take on The Addams Family’s mortal daughter in Netflix’s Wednesday to the fight between final girl Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and The Shape (James Jude Courtney) in David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends, there’s an abundance of spooky content to look ahead to.

But, there’s one series approaching The CW that has everyone counting down the days until October — The Winchesters. The Supernatural prequel has been one of the most extremely famous stories we’re thrilled to see play out on our screens, and recently followers were treated to a fresh poster to additional stoke the fires of anticipation and pleasure.

 An all-new notice for the Supernatural prequel series The Winchesters has been aired in front of its October 11 premiere date. Based on Eric Kripke’s long-running CW series SupernaturalThe Winchesters tracks John and Mary Winchester (Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly) as they find their relationship mutually while also tackling the demons of their pasts – exactly. Whereas two other Supernatural spin-offs were tried during the show’s 15-year run, The Winchesters are the initial spinoff to productively have been chosen.

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In a post from the official The Winchesters social media account, the series’ first placard has been released. The picture tracks John and Mary positioned in the center of a demon’s hands that are cupped in the form of a heart. The poster calls the series “a supernatural love story,” and sets the attention on its release date. 

While The Winchesters will track in Supernatural‘s path as a fiend hunting, demon-slaying type series, the heart of the spinoff will be concerning John and Mary’s young, promising connection. Narrated by Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester, Dean looks back on his parents’ lives together sooner than the birth of their children and the beginning of Supernatural. With The Winchesters trying to focus on accurately what the poster says – a supernatural love story – it’s only fitting that the series’ latest speck of promotion be as evenly romantic as it is frightening. It sets the quality well for John and Mary’s story and also assures this will be a romance not like any other.

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