Sylvester Stallone talks about why he won’t star in Creed III as Rocky

by Hailey Greg
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Sylvester Stallone’s announcement that he wouldn’t be playing Rocky in Creed III surprised a lot of Rocky fans. Since Stallone has played the character since his famous debut in 1976, his decision not to be in the latest Creed movie is like the end of an era for the character. Stallone talked to The Hollywood Reporter for a long time about why he didn’t want to be in the movie. He said:

“I feel bad about that because I know what could have happened. It went in a very different direction than I would have chosen. Irwin Winkler and Michael B. Jordan have different ideas about the world. I hope they do well, but I’m more of a romantic. I like it when my heroes get hurt, but I don’t want them to go to that dark place. I just think that people have had enough bad luck.”

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Stallone is still a part of the Rocky spin-off sequel because he is a producer, but Creed III shows that he doesn’t like where the franchise has gone. When the movie comes out in March 2023, we’ll see how it does without Stallone, who is a definite presence even in a supporting role. But now that it’s Michael B. Jordan’s baby, it will win or lose the fight based on its own merits.

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Even though Sylvester Stallone is the face of the Rocky series, he has had to rethink his role in the future of the series because of more than just the dark direction Creed III has taken. This year, Stallone took to social media to talk about a disagreement with Rocky producer Irwin Winkler. The actor, writer, and director of the original movie called Winkler a snake for “controlling Rocky for over 47 years” and said he would “really like to have at least a little of what’s left of my rights back before passing it on to only your children.”

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That’s not the first or last time Stallone has talked about the problems with the character’s rights and the franchise as a whole. Stallone said in 2019 that he didn’t own any of the rights to the original movie, which was “painful” because he “wanted to leave something of Rocky to my children.”

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