Sony Confirms the ‘Barbarella’ Film will Star Sydney Sweeney

by Hailey Greg
Barbarella Film star Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney, famously known for her roles in Euphoria and The White Lotus, will take the stage in the upcoming adaptation of Jean-Claude Forest’s science fiction comic Barbarella.

A planned Sony Pictures adaptation of Barbarella reportedly has Sweeney signed to lead. Though Sony’s Barbarella doesn’t yet have a script or director, she is linked to the picture in the role of executive producer.

Sweeney said on Instagram, “Time to save the universe,” confirming the scoop from Deadline. Surprisingly, the rising actress is no new to Sony’s comic book adaptations; she is already set to play in an unspecified capacity in the forthcoming Spider-Man spinoff film Madame Web.

Invented by Jean-Claude Forest, Barbarella had her debut in a French comic book magazine in 1962. She is a mercenary woman attending numerous appointments around the galaxy in the far future. The film adaptation from 1968 starred Jane Fonda, while a musical version premiered in 2004.

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There have been many efforts to start production on a new film, most recently in 2007 when filmmaker Robert Rodriguez signed on to direct a Universal feature picture starring Rose McGowan. In 2009, filmmaker Robert Luketic made an effort to launch a film.

A modern remake of the Barbarella film might fix many of the problems with the original, which is nevertheless regarded as a cult masterpiece. With 55 years of perspective, the original Jane Fonda film may be improved upon in its plot and screenplay, which were the primary points of criticism. Meanwhile, the film’s visual effects were generally well-received.

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In addition, the new Barbarella movie has the luxury of having a dedicated talent leading the drive to revive the character. Sweeney has confirmed her participation in the project at an early stage in its production. Sweeney is not only an actor but also the head of the production business Fifty-Fifty Films, which is turning Jessica Goodman’s upcoming 2020 young adult book They Wish They Were Us into a limited series dubbed The Players Club. Both Paradigm and Hansen, Jacobson act as her representatives.

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