Scoob! Holiday Haunt’s Director Reveals why the Film was Canceled First, and then Restarted

by Hailey Greg
Scoob Holiday Haunt’s Director Reveals

Numerous ongoing initiatives were dealt a blow by the Discovery merger. Given the movie’s enormous budget and the fact that production was practically complete, the decision to shelve Batgirl came as a huge surprise. Scoob! The animated prequel is a great example.

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 As with Holiday Haunt, the movie’s creators were far into post-production when they received the devastating news that the project would be scrapped. Considering the presence of Batgirl and Scooby-Doo! The corporation is writing off the cost of Holiday Haunt for tax reasons, but Warner Bros. Rather than keep the money, Discovery returns it to the government to the point that they felt they had to see it through to the end. 

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Last month, Cervone said that the film’s post-production phase was complete. We did not know whether Holiday Haunt would be published or not. Michael Kurinsky, who was supposed to make his directorial debut with the picture, has now provided some further context for why the film was finished despite the little likelihood that audiences would ever get to watch it.

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“Approximately 27–28 of my professional life has been spent in this field. I had been waiting my whole professional life for this moment, and now it is here. Then, with only eight weeks left until completion, everything shifted. There were hundreds of shots that needed to be completed, lighted, rendered, and finally greenlit. We were allotted a certain amount of time to complete the photos, and we did so. From what I understood, completion was within striking distance. That’s not too far off.”

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Kurinsky claims that he was at a film-related meeting when he got a text message from an unknown number inquiring whether the rumor was real. At the time, Warner Bros. had given him zero clues. He had no idea what to make of the news that the cancellation had been announced. He describes how he was then informed that the news must have leaked and, to make things worse, that the movie would probably never be released.

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Somehow, the word had gotten out, according to Warner Bros. Furthermore, they were unable to contact us before the news broke. This came as a stunning revelation. This was made clear to us over the phone, and we were told that because we were claiming a tax deduction, we would be unable to make any money off of it. That’s how I understood it, anyhow.

Kurinsky expresses regret that the filmmakers committed to finishing the production by a specified date two years ago. The film is done, thus they did accomplish it. Kurinsky, on the other hand, decided to complete the picture since he was already paid. Even if viewers are unable to see the film, he continues to find reasons to be proud of the work that was done to create it.

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