Qatar Fifa Worldcup Ambassador Faces Criticism On His Remarks: Homosexuality is ‘Damage in the Mind’

by Hailey Greg
Qatar Fifa Worldcup Ambassador Faces Criticism On His Remarks Homosexuality is damage in the mind

Former footballer and Fifa World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman is facing serious criticism after his remarks as he said homosexuality is “damage in the mind,” in an interview on Monday by the German broadcaster ZDF. 

The World Cup organizing committee reacted immediately to the controversial interview as it was immediately stopped due to the ambassadors’ remarks. 

Salman while expressing his views about homosexuality being illegal in Qatar said that being gay was “haram,” in Islam, which means it is forbidden according to Islamic law. 

Referring to homosexuality as “damage in mind,” Salman said, “The most important thing is, everybody will accept that they come here. But they will have to accept our rule.” 

The remarks by the ambassador are being dealt with severe criticism. Rasha Younes representing the LGBT rights program at Human Rights Watch said: “Salman’s suggestion that same-sex attraction is ‘damage in the mind’ is harmful and unacceptable. The failure of the Qatari government to counter this false information has a significant impact on the lives of LGBT residents of Qatar, ranging from fuelling discrimination and violence against them to justifying subjecting them to state-sponsored conversion practices.”

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While fans looking forward to traveling to Qatar for the World Cup have raised their concerns over their safety in the country. 

Earlier this month, the President of Fifa Gianni Infantino urged everyone to focus on football as the tournament kicks off on the 20th of November.

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