New Silent Hill Film: Original Director and Producer Rejoin the Crew

by Hailey Greg
New Silent Hill Film Original Director

The developers of the Silent Hill horror series aired a live broadcast on Wednesday called Silent Hill Transmission. The main news, however, wasn’t the only one! Movie fans, rejoice: director Christophe Gans and producer Victor Hadida are coming back for another round of game-inspired cinematic adaptations! Read on for the whole Transmission.

After introducing Konami’s Digital Entertainment Assistant Producer Rui Naito, the show shifts its focus to the film adaptation around halfway through. Before delving into the film’s development history, Naito predicts that the movie will be “the spark for the resurrection of new Silent Hill games.”

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According to Naito, Hadida proposed to Konami that he and Ganz, who was interested in directing again, return to the series. Then, we presented Konami a screenplay, and they loved it. Naito continued by saying that he got the idea to bring back the old games from the movie’s concept.

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After that, Gans and Hadida take over to talk about their forthcoming project, Return to Silent Hill. Both books discuss in depth the influence and concepts of Silent Hill 2, the game that Return to Silent Hill is expected to model itself after.

As they chat, images from the film’s concept art and storyboards are shown. According to Gans, the film will be a faithful representation of the spooky narrative while also offering a new spin on the Silent Hill mythos.

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He stated, “The games of the Silent Hill franchise were great artistic achievements and I have a responsibility to transpose that on the big screen. That’s why the first film was so well received by fans of Silent Hill, because they felt that I was one of them. It was so important for me to respect the original creation, you know. That was the base and the start of everything… So I’m going with a maximum of humility, a maximum of respect, but at the same time, I have quite a challenge, a goal. Which is how to transpose the language of the game, which is entirely about immersion, into a tale, into a story that we can tell in 90-100 minutes.”

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