Leslie Jordan Dies at 67 Years old

by Hailey Greg
Leslie Jordan Dies at 67 Years old

Today, many people were shocked by the sudden and sad death of legendary actor Leslie Jordan. Jordan has had a long and successful career. His co-stars, like Sean Hayes from Will & Grace, where Jordan played Beverley Leslie, have talked about how much they love him.

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Hayes played Jack on Will & Grace, and he and Jordan were very close. Hayes wrote a beautiful tribute to his friend Jordan on Twitter, saying, “My heart is broken.” Leslie Jordan was one of the funniest people I’ve ever worked with. He was loved by everyone who ever met him. No one else will ever be like him. A unique skill and a huge, caring heart. “My dear friend, I will miss you.”

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On Will & Grace, Megan Mullaly played Jordan’s enemy, Karen Walker, and she wrote: “My heart hurts so much. I can’t believe it at all. Without a doubt, Leslie Jordan was one of the best. People say this a lot, but I’m not sure if it’s always true. Not that many people are good at anything. But Leslie was a master of comedy and very funny. His timing and delivery seemed to come easily. It doesn’t get any better than that. What a kind, friendly, and fun-loving person.”

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Eric McCormack also wrote about how much he liked Jordan: “I’m saddened to hear that @thelesliejordan has died. He was the funniest and flirtiest southern man I’ve ever met. Every Will and Grace episode he did was filled with happiness and laughter. Went away about 30 years too soon. Sweet man, you were loved.”

Many people went online to talk about how much they liked Jordan. Paul Feig wrote on Twitter: “A beautiful tribute to Michael B. Jordan, my former co-star from Ski-Patrol “I’m just crushed by this news. When Leslie and I were both in Ski Patrol in the 1980s, we were both actors, and he was the best. He was such a sweetheart and so funny. Without him, the world is a much sadder place. RIP Leslie.”

Dylan McDermott, an actor, posted a video of Jordan with this caption: “Today, we lost a great person. I had a great friend in @thelesliejordan. On American Horror Story, Leslie and I laughed together. We talked about doing another show together as twin brothers the last time we talked on the phone. He was my brother. Love you, Leslie. I’ll miss you very much…”

George Takei, another famous actor, wrote a beautiful note about Jordan. “I am shocked by the news of Leslie Jordan’s death. His many roles on TV and in movies made us laugh and cry. After he got sick, he got into a car accident, which was what killed him. We’re very sad about Leslie’s death, and we’ll miss her laugh and her unique spirit.”

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