Keanu Reeves May Reprise his Role as John Wick in the Upcoming Ballerina Spin-off Directed by Ana de Armas

by Hailey Greg
Keanu Reeves May Reprise his Role as John Wick in the Upcoming Ballerina Spin-off

This week, production on the action flick Ballerina began in Prague, and it appears like the franchise’s main guy will be joining Ana de Armas on set. 

Keanu Reeves will be returning as Wick in the picture, according to a new claim by Collider, however, it is unclear at this time what role, if any, he will play in the highly anticipated spinoff of the John Wick series. 

It was announced at the same time that Ian McShane, as The Continental Hotel’s manager Winston, would also be making an appearance. Ballerina is just one of the John Wick films in the works; Reeves will return to theaters for John Wick 4 in March 2023, while the prequel event series The Continental will rewind the clock to Winston’s youth.

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No one knows just where in the Wick chronology Ballerina will take place, but it seems that there will be other crossovers with the main Wick series of movies, and they may not end with Reeves and McShane.

Initially, Ballerina was described as following “a young lady trained as an assassin who must hunt down the other assassins who killed her family.” 

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It wasn’t until last year that de Armas was even connected to the film, but after seeing her brief cameo in Daniel Craig’s latest Bond film, No Time to Die, many were thrilled with the decision.

The John Wick film series has become one of Keanu Reeves’ most successful film franchises despite modest expectations. It remains to be seen whether Ballerina’s popularity will translate to its spin-offs, but with regulars Reeves and McShane in attendance and de Armas’s star on the rise, there’s enough evidence to indicate that if Ballerina does well, it may well become its franchise within the Wick tale.

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The number of people who like Ana de Armas has increased dramatically. 

In the last 12 months, she has gone from being almost unknown to becoming the center of attention. The actress posted a photo of herself getting ready to shoot Ballerina today, captioning it with the word “great” to describe how she felt about the first day of production. 

John Wick 4 is slated to be released next year, and the release of spinoffs like Ballerina and The Continental will help tide fans over until the fifth main series film, which is still planned to be created shortly.

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