Kaley Cuoco Wishes Penny from The Big Bang Theory had a Different End

by Hailey Greg
Kaley Cuoco wishes Penny from The Big Bang Theory had a different end

Three years after the series finale of The Big Bang Theory, fresh details about the program continue to surface. Secrets from the set that fans of the CBS sitcom had no known about have been exposed in a new oral history book titled The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series by Jessica Radloff.

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Kaley Cuoco laments that there was one aspect of the series finale that she would alter if it were to happen again: the way it all turned out for Penny. The Big Bang Theory viewers will recall that Leonard and Penny revealed their exciting news of a pregnancy in the show’s last episode.

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However, in her new book, Cuoco reveals her genuine thoughts towards the pregnancy, and they are reasonable (via TVLine): I liked the message that they were sending about Penny not having children, and I would have preferred if they hadn’t made Penny pregnant. Penny’s unexpected pregnancy at the end was handled well by the authors, and I’m delighted about it in the end, but I was rooting for her not to become pregnant.

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“Though Penny and Leonard’s happy announcement of their impending child is a touching scene in the BBT series finale, I can’t help but wonder how the show’s conclusion would have been affected had Penny not been expecting,” she continued.

Even though Beach Raider executive producer Steve Holland agrees with Cuoco that the surprise might have been better executed, he still appreciates the way the series concluded with Leonard and Penny.

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Those alternate plots would have added some variety to Penny’s unexpected pregnancy and made for some compelling television.

In any case, the pregnancy did serve to bring the story full circle, as viewers were reminded of Leonard’s comment in the pilot regarding their potential offspring.

The fact that he couldn’t have known what would happen twelve seasons later makes the story all the more entertaining to consider today. Naturally, there were several occurrences early on that had the potential to alter the show’s eventual trajectory. Even if the Big Bang Theory is no longer active, it’s evident that it will be discussed for a long time to come. Maybe in a decade or two, when they’ve run out of story ideas, they’ll be able to restart the show and continue telling this fan favourite.

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