Elizabeth Hurley Recalls the ‘Nightmare’ of Filming Serving Sara with Matthew Perry

by Hailey Greg
Nightmare of Filming Serving Sara with Matthew Perry

Actor Matthew Perry wanted his new biography to be authentic, so he admitted to making a lot of errors in his life. Importantly, this covers his difficulties with addiction and how they may impact the works in which he was engaged. This would affect Perry’s movies like Serving Sara, as well as his work on the sitcom Friends.

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Although Perry and Elizabeth Hurley were the film’s primary stars when it was released in 2002, Bruce Campbell also had a significant role. There were problems behind the scenes, but the film also tanked at the box office. In his autobiography titled “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” Perry recounts how he and Hurley had a falling out because his troubles had slowed down filming.

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According to Perry’s account, “during Serving Sara… the director was p*ssed off—I’d wrecked his movie; Elizabeth Hurley, my costar, was p*ssed off (she never got to make another movie, either),” which led to the end of their careers in the film industry.

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Perry also claimed in the book’s promotional tour that his speech was severely impacted by his addiction to Xanax, Methadone, and vodka throughout production. After filming several parts while under the influence, he admitted to ABC’s Diane Sawyer that he needed to go to rehab to clean up before he could record fresh voiceover work to replace the original.

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Perry confirmed in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that she remembers shooting Serving Sara, albeit she is relying on press reports and has not yet read the book. Hurley describes Perry as a “beautiful guy” and says she has essentially good recollections of working with him, however, she does acknowledge that there were moments when the production seemed like a “nightmare” due to the actor’s issues.

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Hurley recalls how it was when Perry checked into treatment, but she says the actor was much happier after he returned to the project after he had sobered up.

Despite the difficulty, she continues, “he came back and he was fantastic.” Though you could see he was suffering, “it was challenging, clearly, he was having a terrible time,” he remained courteous and pleasant to deal with.

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