Disney’s Upcoming Adventure Film ‘Strange World’ Will Feature a Gay Protagonist

by Hailey Greg
Disney's Upcoming Adventure Film Strange World

The forthcoming Disney animated film Strange World is an adventure slated to be released on November 23. The film takes place in a bizarre setting populated with odd animals and plants. Don Hall helms and co-wrote the film with Qui Nguyen (co-writer of Raya and the Last Dragon). 

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Trailer footage has indicated that Disney will include a homosexual love story in the film. As the first-ever homosexual adolescent character in a Disney animated film, this landmark achievement demonstrates the studio’s dedication to inclusive storytelling.

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Gay character Ethan Clade’s actor Jaboukie Young-White said he was pleased with the final product in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

“That was fantastic, in my opinion. A part of me wishes I had been able to experience it when I was that young because it was a great thing to be a part of.”

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The Clade family goes on an adventure in Strange World, much like the ones depicted in pulp publications. The movie follows Ethan Clade, the youngest in a family of adventurers. His parents, Meridian (Gabrielle Union) and Searcher (Jake Gyllenhaal), and grandpa, Jaeger, all make appearances in the film (Dennis Quaid).

In the film, the Clade family encounters a naughty blob, a three-legged dog, and other bizarre animals while traveling through a foreign continent. Meanwhile, Ethan is trying to learn more about Diazo, a fellow student, in the hopes of developing romantic feelings for him. Together, the three generations of the Clade family must learn to get beyond their differences in order to survive in Strange World, an original animated story.

Disney has released fresh footage from the film, giving us our first look at the characters and how they interact. At the start of the video, we see the Clade family and a blue blob monster named Splat stuck inside of a closet. Even though it’s just a minute long, the film gives a taste of the comedy and tension that audiences will see in the full version of Strange World.

It’s wonderful to see that Ethan’s three older relatives support and affirm his relationship decision. Not only does Young-White like that the LGBTQ community is acknowledged in the screenplay, but he also likes the message of acceptance and love that the Clade family sends.

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Disney’s previous efforts to make its films and TV series more welcoming to the LGBTQ community have paid off in concrete ways, and they’re doing it again with this next release. Lightyear (2022) also included the first Disney same-sex kiss, while Onward (2020) presented the first lesbian character in a Disney animated picture. It’s fascinating to see Disney’s efforts to diversify its casts and mainstream homosexual partnerships in its narratives.

On November 23rd, Strange World will make its debut in cinemas.

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