Dave Bautista Wants to Be a Part of Netflix’s Gears of War Movie

by Hailey Greg
Dave Bautista Wants to Be a Part of Netflix Gears of War Movie

Dave Bautista’s efforts to participate in a live-action Gears of War movie were reignited not long after Netflix revealed such an endeavor. Bautista has pushed hard for this part for a long time, even pitching Warner Bros. on a Gears of War movie himself. It seemed increasingly unlikely that the retired wrestler would ever portray Marcus Fenix in a movie version of the hit video game.

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With Netflix’s new statement, though, that’s all about to change. Both an animated series for adults and a live-action movie based on the Gears of War video game are now in production. Despite the fact that no actors have been officially confirmed, many fans have pointed to Bautista because of his previous pursuit of the role. Bautista has now joined the campaign by uploading a promotional video showcasing his introduction to the video game series, emphasizing how easily his role might be adapted for the big screen.

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The advertisement is for Gears 5 supplementary content that is available in a time-limited edition. The DLC update gives Marcus Fenix Bautista’s voice and likeness as a direct answer to the fans who wish to see him portray the part in a film adaptation. In the above clip, Bautista wears the aforementioned getup while filming a commercial for the aforementioned bonus material.

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Gears of War developer Cliff Bleszinski had previously backed the retired wrestler for the part of Marcus Fenix before Bautista made a comeback to the industry. Belszinski acknowledged the popular clamor for Bautista to be cast in a Twitter tweet, albeit he went on to recommend Ryan Reynolds for the character of Baird and an unnamed Latino actor for Dom.

Fans will have to wait for formal news from Netflix about the cast before they can stop guessing. The streamer made it plain that the movie and animated series are coming with an announcement timed to the game’s 15th anniversary, and that’s about all we know at this moment. Netflix is obviously hoping that these Gears of War projects will become the next huge franchise, since spinoffs have been hinted at.

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