Better Call Saul Season 6 Coming to Blu-ray and DVD This December

by Hailey Greg
Better Call Saul Season 6

Perhaps it starts with a dead body partially hidden behind bracken. Alternately, use a shimmering image of a metropolitan skyline. Or with a covert transaction made at dusk, just as a mysterious figure is about to meet an unfortunate end. Because they frequently ensure that a villain will be apprehended, and the system will triumph after a journey into the shadowiest recesses of the human psyche, crime drama clichés and conventions provide their own peculiar solace. This amalgamation of excellent characters, performances, story, and direction is what makes any crime show a great binge for all its seasons even for people who aren’t usually drawn to crime drama. 

If you’re someone who is glued to the screen till a murder is solved in an astonishing way then here is some amazing news for you, Season 6 of Better Call Saul will be released on Blu-ray and DVD in December. Better Call Saul has been a commercial success for seven years over all odds. Saul was intended as a Breaking Bad spin-off at the height of the AMC crime drama’s popularity, but the idea never seemed like it could succeed.

When AMC broadcast the Sixty-Third and final episode of the acclaimed prequel in August, Better Call Saul came to an end. Better Call Saul feels achingly realistic, in contrast to Breaking Bad’s sleek and gritty feeling. Walter White is not the romanticized anti-hero Jimmy is. He is not a Tony Soprano or a Dexter Morgan. Jimmy is perhaps one of life’s losers since he battles to maintain his uniqueness in a corporate environment that values conformity. Jimmy is likable to us because he is considerate, witty, resourceful, and idealistic. Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), his ex-girlfriend-turned-wife, continues to be the major voice of reason up until the end of season five when she gives in to Jimmy’s wily ways.

Kim struggles with choosing between her love of public defender cases and the security of corporate life. Justice and the law are not always mutually exclusive, she has also realized. Better Call Saul, in Berman’s opinion, excels in this area by exposing the absurdity of the American legal system, where “even the lawyers who maintain this system don’t actually believe in second chances.” When faced with these unsustainable circumstances, Jimmy furthers his descent into the world of deception, gradually abandoning his ideals and achieving a destiny that others—institutions, colleagues, and his brother—have predetermined for him.

Jimmy’s gradual transition into Saul Goodman is so depressing yet so realistic because of this. The corporate world eats away at his determination since he is unable to be himself and is also unable to make a meaningful change according to the rules. Eventually, all that is left is the rush of the con. Season 6 was profound because it wrapped up the storyline and revealed the final fate of the characters that the fans loved. Better Call Saul’s final season was well-received by audiences and reviewers alike and received seven Emmy nominations.

Better Call Saul is frequently cited as an example of the new golden age of television, which approximately runs from 2000 to the present and is characterized by high-quality, unique programs with extensive, complicated story arcs, captivating visual aesthetics, and morally grey characters. The Blu-ray and DVD releases of Season 6 of Better Call Saul include a tone of extras for fans, as with every decent disc released. Every episode includes commentary tracks in addition to deleted scenes and outtakes, allowing viewers to enjoy the show while hearing what the cast and crew have to say about each scene. The last season’s DVD release also includes featurettes that take us behind the scenes so we can discover more about how this fantastic show was created.

Here is a list of the special features to give you an idea of what they are: Commentaries on Every Episode, Easter Eggs, Training Videos, American Greed, Series Adjourned: Saying Goodbye to Saul, Fear, and Loathing in Omaha, Deleted, Scenes, Outtakes, The World of Gene Takavic, and Wine and Roses – Casa Goodman

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