Adam Sandler’s Safdie Brothers film: Netflix has Acquired the Distribution Rights.

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Adam Sandler's Safdie Brothers film

Adam Sandler announced to EW back in May that he will be starring in a second film directed by Benny and Josh Safdie of Uncut Gems. Nothing much has happened since then, but with Netflix on board to create and distribute it, things are finally getting off the ground.

No information about the new film has been released as of yet, but according to Deadline’s sources, production is expected to begin sometime in 2019, if the Safdie brothers can complete a screenplay they’re happy with. The film’s narrative has not been disclosed, although the same sources have hinted that it may center on the niche hobby of high-end card collecting. Conflict is likely to ensue. High levels of stress.

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On the other hand, Netflix is like a second home for Sandler since the service provided him with comedies like Murder Mystery and carried Uncut Gems beyond the United States (and its upcoming sequel, already hailed by our Chris as his most anticipated of 2023).

However, if the streaming service is impressed, we can bet on it planning a theatrical release in time for award consideration, even if no release date has been set as of yet.

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The movie is scheduled to begin filming in late January, according to an interview Sandler gave to Vanity Fair last week, and he anticipates a similarly intensive experience to that of creating “Uncut Gems.”

“Once that Safdie Brothers movie starts — and I love those guys, I know we’re going to dedicate ourselves into working our asses off and making sure it’s as good as it can be, and I know that takes a lot of time,” Sandler said.

He added:

“I see how hard [Josh and Benny Safdie] work, and just like when I’m working on my comedies with my friends, it means a lot to us. Every joke means a lot. The Safdie boys, every word means a lot to them, and every frame of the movie means a lot. So I don’t want to walk through anything. I care about it, and I respect those guys so much.”

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