Error Code M7037-1111: What is it and How to Get Rid of it?

by Hailey Greg
Error Code M7037 1111

Error M7037-1111: What does it mean?

Don’t know what error M7037-1111 is? Worry not, we have you covered!

Nothing is more annoying than facing a glitch or an error while you are streaming your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix. One such nuisance is the Netflix error code M7037-1111 which indicates that your internet connection has been disconnected or is continuously being disrupted due to some issue. Error M7037-1111 is a very common error that you see if you are a frequent Netflix user. 

If you see Error code M7037-1111 on your screen, it means that the system has detected that you are using a VPN, proxy, or some sort of an “unblocker” service to stream Netflix on your device. Since the available content on Netflix varies from region to region, it is highly possible that you may not be able to stream some of the titles while you are using a VPN. 

To ensure error-free streaming of your favorite movie or show on Netflix, follow this article to know why you are getting the error code M7037-1111 and how to get rid of it!

Why do I keep getting Error M7037-1111 on Netflix?

Error M7037-1111 appears when Netflix detects that you are using a VPN, proxy, or an unblocker service to access its premium library. When more than one user signs in via the same IP address, it indicates that the traffic is coming from a VPN service provider and Netflix sends you an alert, In case, you are unable to access Netflix from your VPN anymore, it is because Netflix has added the IP address of your VPN server to the blocklist and you won’t be able to stream any title. 

Easy Steps to Get Rid of Error M7037-1111 on Netflix

Want to get rid of error M7037-1111 on Netflix real quick? Here is what you need to do.

  1. Check your internet connection and make sure it is working. If it is not working, reset your internet connection. 
  2. If the internet connection is working, refresh Netflix and check if you are still getting error M7037-1111.
  3. If it is still the same, close your browser and then open it again. Go to Netflix and now you will not receive the error code. 
  4. Users who are connected to any VPN will need to disable any proxies, VPNs, and other unblocker apps or services that are routing their internet traffic outside to other regions. 
  5. In case you are still stuck at the same, you have to reset your modem. Make sure to disconnect your Wi-Fi and VPN if you are using any. 

Since Netflix is not available in some countries, many binge-watchers use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. If they are also seeing error M7037-1111, then all they need to do is to buy a premium VPN subscription. Users who connect via a VPN and stream Netflix may also receive another error m7111-5059. 

How to Bypass the Proxy Error on Netflix?

When you are using a VPN to stream any movies or series on Netflix, you will be confronted with a streaming error or proxy error. In order to bypass it, all you need is to simply switch to a different server from the list of available servers within your VPN. For instance, if you are connected to a Los Angeles-based server, switch to a different server in Chicago or any other city in the USA. Similarly, if you are in Europe and the London-based server is not working for you, try switching to Manchester.

Android and iOS can override these DNS settings. Netflix websites that you access via a browser do not override the DNS settings. Hence, it is ea

As the number of users streaming via a VPN, proxy, or any unblocker service is increasing day by day, Netflix is keeping a watchful eye on the IP addresses that seem suspicious and may belong to VPNs or proxies. So even if you switch to a different server, it does not guarantee error-free streaming for long and you will need to switch to a new server after a while. 

Why is Netflix able to Detect my Proxy?

Available in over 190 countries, Netflix is still not available in many regions. Moreover, the content of the Netflix library varies from region to region, and in order to access all the available content in the comfort of your living room, you need a VPN or a proxy. While Virtual Private Networks do not only let you access geo-restricted content, they provide a faster connection speed while securing your device and online activity. Despite the bans, VPNs and smart DNS proxies remain highly popular and this is why Netflix is keen to detect all the IP addresses that are using any sort of unblocker service. 

But the Question Arises how Netflix can Detect your Proxy?

Netflix can detect VPNs and proxies via DNS filtering. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it works like a phone book to track all the internet connections that associate IP addresses with domain names. So whenever you visit the Netflix website, a DNS request is sent to a DNS server by your browser which then searches for your IP address for Netflix and sends it back to your device, and fetches the video from the Netflix server. This is how Netflix can determine which DNS server was used during this transaction. 

Usually, your DNS server is associated with your local Internet Service Provider and marks a specific country or region. Most VPNs and proxies only route web traffic and not DNS traffic. So if Netflix detects a mismatch between your IP address location and your DNS server location, it will know that a proxy service or app is being used and sends you the error. 

However, most good VPNs that come with a monthly or annual subscription route DNS traffic along as well through their servers. Still, the Netflix app allows users to access Netflix in a browser rather than on mobile apps if they don’t want Netflix to detect their proxy right away.

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