How to Watch the Blade Movies in Order | The Complete Guide

by Hailey Greg
Blade movies in order

When so many films are produced using TV-style graphics of people standing around talking, comic book movies offer one of the last great hopes for filmmaking with a vision. It’s odd that comics, who at first hijacked the look of the film business, are now doing the opposite.

A high level of visual flair is present in the film Blade, which stars Wesley Snipes as a vampire hunter battling for control of the Earth. It utilizes unusual camera angles, odd sets and costumes, exaggerated shadows, and confident moving between close-ups. It simply uses graphic images to advance. If you haven’t watched any of the Blade movies, it’s a good time to do it now. So, on that note let’s have a look at all the Blade movies in order of their release date.

About Blade

Wesley Snipes played the starring role in the first blade film, which was directed by Stephen Norrington in 1998. Blade dominated the box office even though it was a difficult year for major superhero movies. Following its success, two additional sequels were released, turning it into one of the most well-known trilogies ever made.

Like so many comic book stories, this one contains regular people who are linked to an underworld of the occult by a superhero; or, as Blade informs a young human doctor, “The world you live in is merely a sugar-coated topping.” There is another universe beneath it—the true world!” Snipes portrays Blade, a character based on a Marvel Comics superhero, as a guy on the cusp of vampires and humans. Background information on Blade: He lived in the streets until being adopted by Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), a man who leads a lone battle against vampires after his mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant. Now that Blade has matured into a man, he is leading that conflict as vampire influence spreads throughout the major cities. Secret after-hours dancing clubs, where victims are drawn in by the promise of forbidden thrills only to be bit and converted, are one of their primary gathering places.

Blade movies in order:

1. Blade (1998)

The three Blade films are interconnected and tell Blade’s full origin story, from his birth to the epic’s climax when Blade kills the first vampire. Additionally, the story is carried on from where the previous Blade movie left off. All the Blade movies are connected to the one before them. To fully understand the Blade Trilogy’s story, you must watch the Blade movies. You should watch the Blade movies in order if you wish to:

Stephen Norrington is the director.

Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson, and N’Bushe Wright are the stars.

David S. Goyer, author

2 hours

2. Blade II (2002)

Guillermo del Toro is the director

Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Ron Perlman, and Leonor Varela are the stars.

Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan, writers

1 hour 57 minutes.

3. Blade: Trinity (2004)

David S. Goyer is the filmmaker

Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Parker Posey, and Ryan Reynolds are the stars.

Marv Wolfman and David S. Goyer, writers

1 hour and 53 minutes

Blade (1998)

The beginning of the film shows a woman giving birth to a child after being bitten by an animal. Once inside the club, the man discovers that it is a club for vampires as the image shifts to a woman escorting him there. All the vampires soon began to assault him, but Blade, a Day Walker, entered the club and killed every vampire.

Frost, A vampire decodes the vampire bible to understand the ritual to call La Magra to rule the vampire community and the world (Deity of the Vampire race). Blade embarks on a mission to kill Frost after learning about his scheme.

Blade II (2002)

After two years, when Blade killed Frost, the second Blade movie begins. Reapers, a new breed of vampire that is killing both vampires and humans, have appeared in the city. Assad and Nyssa introduce Blade to the growing danger posed by Reapers to both vampires and humanity.

To build an alliance and devise a strategy to battle Reapers in the most renowned vampire club, “the House of Pain,” Blade meets with the leader of the vampire community with Whistler and Scud.

Blade: Trinity (2004)

In the Syrian Desert, some vampires are killed before the movie opens. Drake the First Vampire, a mystery being, is brought to Danica Talos’ underground base. Danica explains that Blade is preventing vampires from obtaining human blood.

As a result of killing a man while believing him to be a vampire, Blade is detained by the police. Danica arrives to kill Blade in the custody of the police after learning that the chief of police is a slave to a vampire, but Abigail Whistler and Hannibal King stand up for Blade.

Blade successfully escapes along with Hannibal King and Abigail. To destroy Drake and other vampires, Blade works with fresh vampire hunters.

The whole Blade film and television canon The Blade series ended with Blade Trinity, but a television series that debuted on Spike on June 28, 2006, is continuing the Saga of Blade, the Daywalker. There are thirteen episodes in the first season of the show.

Following is a list of every Blade movie and television show that should be seen in chronological order if you want to add it to your list of things to watch.

Blade (1998)

Blade II (2002)

Blade: Trinity (2004)

Blade: The Series (2006)

Blade: The Vampire Slayer 

The first film to openly embrace superhero flicks was Blade and they are all must-sees.


Blade’s superhero persona was initially introduced in The Tomb of Dracula and became well-known enough to have a 2004 film adaptation. The fourth chapter of the Blade television series and a trilogy of motion pictures are now under production.

Because the Blade films are interconnected and are intended to be seen in sequence, I have included them all here in the proper order for you to see the series.

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