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by Hailey Greg
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It’s been hailed as “a compelling narrative of family sexuality and feminism.” A Movie that “breathes with Dunham’s humor and inimitable flair.” Simply said, Sharp Stick (2022) is an essential must-watch, for adults of course!

Also, considering the Movie deals with sexual themes, which could be enough to get you to see it. Quite a bit, considering it involves a young woman and a married guy who are consumed by intense sexual desire. If the reviews are any indication, once people start watching, they won’t be able to stop. Sharp Stick (2022) will be released on Hulu for the first time on December 23. So, if you want to stream on Hulu, get yourself ready. But, if you don’t live in a country where Hulu is available, then your best option is to stream Sharp Stick through a VPN! (Virtual Private Network)

Pick a Virtual Private Network that excels at streaming content. A VPN allows access to geo-blocked sites. Many streaming sites limit access to their material for persons outside of specified countries; thus, a high-speed VPN service will unlock a whole new world of pleasure.

To access the VPN, just download the software and link up with a server in the United States. At the conclusion of this blog, you’ll get a handy comparison of the VPN services we suggest. So, you can watch Sharp Stick (2022) online wherever and anywhere you want.

What is the Plot of Sharp Stick?

Sarah Jo is employed by Heather, a real estate agent who is expecting and in need of a babysitter for her son Zachary, who has down syndrome. Slacker dad Josh is close by, so Sarah and Zach are never really alone at home. Sarah’s nave personality is an open invitation to a passionate and satisfying sexual encounter. Sarah, the ravenous Sarah, who longs for Josh’s attention, dresses in frilly pinafores and uses her seductive voice in an attempt to woo him. Josh accomplishes his aim of becoming a ‘hero’ in Sarah’s life by engaging in an affair with her, and the two have a wicked affair, scheduling their sexual meetings around Sarah’s duty hours.

Until Josh confronts his wife, apologizes to her, then dumps Sarah, Josh’s world is “rocked,” while Sarah continues to live in a dream world. Sarah, in an attempt to cope with her loss, throws herself into the arms of various men she has met online, putting herself in delightful circumstances with total strangers.

What is the Story of Sharp Stick?

Sharp Stick, which premiered on July 29 and can be seen on Hulu today, is unquestionably Lena Dunham’s greatest film to date. Sarah Jo, the protagonist, is a naive not-so-young virgin who wants to have her first sexual experience in order to understand the big deal. Dunham has turned a “typical Wattpad tale” into a sexual satire with real pictures by focusing on illicit love.

What is the Release Date of Sharp Stick?

Sharp Stick (2022) will be released on December 23.

Where to watch Sharp Stick online?

You can watch Sharp Stick Movie online on Hulu.

Sharp Stick Official Trailer

Sharp Stick’s cast members are listed below.

Kristine Froseth has produced an outstanding performance as Sarah Jo, while Jon Bernthal plays Josh. The obvious connection between the two forces one to sit through the whole film without taking a break. Arvin is played by Luka Sabbat, Vance Leroy is played by Scott Speedman, and Heather is played by Lena Dunham. Ebon Moss plays Yui, Taylour Paige plays Treina, and Jennifer Jason plays Matilyn.


Roger Ebert says that “through Sarah Jo’s excursions with Josh between bedsheets,” Lena Dunham “unearths a refreshing amount of humor, honesty, and genuineness.” Despite what it may look like at first glance, the film is a “hermetic drama of a universe apart, a fairy tale,” as The New Yorker puts it.

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