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by Hailey Greg
jackie chan movies on netflix

Action comedy and Jackie Chan go hand in hand. Jackie Chan is known not only for his extensive training in Kung Fu and Hapkido but also for his perfect timing when it comes to saying funny lines and using weapons in spectacular action scenes. You can also see some of the greatest nail-biting stunts in Jackie Chan’s movies on Netflix.

 By crossing the cultural divide between East and West as a veteran of the business who has appeared in over 150 films since the 1960s, Chan has become one of the most famous and influential people in cinema throughout the globe. 

Chan has acquired a huge fan base because of his status as a cultural icon and an inspiration to kids all over the globe. His fans are amazed by how he can do things that seem impossible while keeping a silly smile and perfect comedic timing. 

The streaming giant offers a large library of Jackie Chan movies on Netflix for instant viewing and these are the ones we settled on:

Best Jackie Chan movies on Netflix

1. Police Story (1985)

In the 1985 Hong Kong action crime film Police Story, a detective is assigned the mission of apprehending and dismantling a powerful criminal boss and his organization. In order to win, Jackie Chan will probably have to do some amazing stunts, chases, and gunfights. Out of the entire Jackie Chan movies on Netflix, Police Story is by far the most interesting one.

2. Wheels on Meals (Sammo Hung, 1984)

Thomas and his cousin David are the proprietors of a Chinese food truck in Barcelona, and Thomas uses a skateboard to make deliveries. They fall in love with Sylvia, the girlfriend of David’s father, only to learn that she is a deadly pickpocket working under the cover of a prostitute.

Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao’s on-screen chemistry are still electric after the success of Project A. Because Bruce Lee, established the door for Asian films to be made outside of Asia, the picture was also set in a location other than Hong Kong. Superb action choreography complements Chan’s customary witticisms.

3. Rush Hour franchise

 The action-comedy film Rush Hour came out in 1998. The film features Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in lead roles and is still one of the most iconic Jackie Chan films to watch on Netflix.

Lee, of the Hong Kong Police Force, foils a plot orchestrated by a renowned criminal boss. The boss isn’t there to see what’s happening, and his right-hand guy gets away. Some ancient artifacts are taken, but Detective Lee can retrieve them.

The movie is jam-packed with action sequences, thrilling stunts, and hilarious gags. Rush Hour 2 (2002) and Rush Hour 3 (2007) are the films’ respective sequels.

4. The Foreigner

The Foreigner deviates from Jackie Chan’s typical comedic and action-packed fare. Widower and former guerrilla warrior for American special forces in Vietnam, Ngoc Minh Quan now lives in London and owns a Chinese restaurant with his business partner Lam and daughter Fan. Quan begins making daily visits to Scotland Yard after Ngoc’s daughter is murdered in a terrorist explosion claimed by the Authentic IRA organization.

He is removed because he is more of a liability to the cops than anything else. As a result, Quan decides to take things into his own hands and goes for Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister and ex-IRA leader Liam Hennessy. Quan travels to Belfast in search of answers and revenge for the death of his daughter. The Chinaman, a book by Stephen Leather, served as inspiration for this film.

5. Around The World in 80 Days

Steve Coogan and Jackie Chan appear in this adaptation of the 1956 film, which featured David Niven and Cantinflas and was only loosely based on the book by Jules Verne.

Lau Xing seeks refuge in the home of Phileas Fogg after successfully robbing the Bank of England. When confronted, he gives a bogus identity, when asked for identification. After mistaking his name, Fogg employs him as a servant.

Following his humiliation at the hands of Baron Kelvin, Minister of Science at the Royal Academy of Science, Fogg wagers that he can round the globe in 80 days. 

6. Kung Fu Panda

The Kung Fu Panda franchise is a production of Dreamworks Animation. Po is a chubby panda who loves kung fu and works at his father’s noodle store. The Grand Master holds A kung fu tournament to crown a Dragon Warrior. Only he can decipher the Dragon Scroll and unlock its secrets.

A tiger, a monkey (Jackie Chan), a mantis, a viper, or a crane are the most popular guesses among the Furious Five. To top it all off, Po is the unbelievable recipient of the honor of being named Dragon Warrior. Naturally, he’ll have to go through extensive training.

There’s a funny script, stunning visuals, and a great tale in Kung Fu Panda. Jackie Chan only provides his voice for the first two sequels, yet there are still three of them. 


People have always loved Jackie Chan’s acting. His movies are instantly recognizable for his signature style, which combines action, astonishing stunts, martial arts, and (most times) humor.

Netflix offers a large selection of Jackie Chan movies. You may choose a Jackie Chan comedy or a Jackie Chan thriller, whatever you like. The truth is, there are plenty of brilliant Jackie Chan movies on Netflix!

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