Here are the Best Kidnapping Movies on Netflix

by Hailey Greg
kidnapping movies

Tired of mainstream drama and teenage romance? Well, we may have something different for you to watch today. While action and crime genres are meant to keep you thrilled the entire time, the atmosphere becomes way more adventurous when the movie involves a kidnapping. 

While Netflix has a number of such stories waiting to be watched, we have shortlisted the best kidnapping movies on the streaming giant so you can pick one and start watching. 

Check out the list below!

Abducted in Plain Sight (2018)

The movie is based on the real-life events of American actress and singer Jan Broberg who was kidnapped and raped by her neighbor Robert Berchtold. The film highlights the upsetting and traumatic experience of Jan’s family when they tried to rescue her and the devastating effect of being abducted and molested by a little girl. The screenplay is adapted in such a brilliant way that it makes you feel for the characters and feel the frustration they went through during those tough times. 

Apostle (2018)

After Thomas Richardson finds out that his sister has been abducted by a religious cult on an island, he goes out of his way to rescue her. During his attempt to infiltrate the island, he disguises himself as a member of the cult to get to their inner circle. He finds out that the cult is way more sinister and dangerous and what’s waiting for him ahead will blow his find.

Extraction (2020)

Set in modern-day India and Bangladesh, the film revolves around a mercenary Tyler Rake who is a former SAS officer. While Tyler is on a mission to rescue the son of an Indian lord, he finds himself in the middle of a dangerous operation where the local gangster controls everything and he gets betrayed by someone he trusted the most. 

Forgotten (2017)

The story follows Jin-Seok, a young boy who discovers the truth behind the kidnapping of his brother, Yoo-Seok who was abducted for 19 days and then released unexpectedly. While Yoo has no recollection of what happened that day, Jin gets concerned about him and his entire family after learning the truth about the strangers who held his brother captive. 

Hush (2016)

The film revolves around a woman named Maddie who is deaf and a home-based writer living in a remote area. Maddie’s friend Sarah occasionally comes to keep a check on her friend and she is the only one to look after her. However, one day Sarah gets murdered under unexpected circumstances on Maddies’doorstep while the killer keeps a watchful eye inside the house. Does the killer know Maddie or is she going to be the next victim? Watch Hush on Netflix to find out more. 

Kidnapping Stella (2019)

Thomas Sieben directed this German movie which is a remake of  ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’ (2009). The film follows Tom and Vic who kidnap a girl named Stella and hold her captive. However, Stella somehow manages to free herself from the chains and tries to run away. But it won’t be easy because her kidnappers are keeping a watchful eye on her all the time!

Lucid Dream (2017)

A journalist struggles to find his son who was kidnapped three years ago but to this day, he hasn’t been located. Dae-ho experiences lucid dreaming to relive the day his son was kidnapped and it’s fascinating how that dream is brought to our screens with a phenomenal storytelling technique. Watch this masterpiece now on Netflix!

Secuestro (2016) 

This is a Spanish thriller movie following a mother who is ready to go to any extent to reunite with her abducted son. 

Secret Obsession (2019)

After being captive for a long time, a woman flees with no recollection of her past. After she wakes up, a man claims to be her husband and gradually helps her recover. However, the reality is not what it seems and she soon finds out that her past was different than her present. 

The Beast (2020)

Follows an ex-special forces captain Leonida Riva who has PTSD because of her past experiences in the field. All hell breaks loose when Leonida’s daughter goes missing and she embarks on an adventure to bring her back at any cost. 

The Kindergarten Teacher (2018)

A kindergarten teacher is held captive with one of her students who demonstrates a gift for composing poetry which is her lone escape from her terrible relationships at home. 

The Frozen Ground (2013)

Follows the true story of an Alaskan serial killer who raped and murdered several women while kept living a second life as a normal married man with children, a baker by profession, and a respected man in society.  

Tau (2018)

The sci-fi film follows a woman who has a relationship with an Artificial Intelligence named Tau after she is kidnapped and implanted with a chip. 

The Most Hated Woman in America (2017)

The film is based on the last days of Madalyn Murray O’Hair as a talk show host and proponent of religious liberty. 

Tallulah (2016)

After a homeless girl parts ways with her boyfriend, she goes to New York in search of food and shelter and goes through a life-changing experience. 

Follow this list of best kidnapping movies on Netflix to make your Saturday nights a lot more thrilling.

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