Leonardo DiCaprio donates 15 million $ for preserving wildlife and planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio who recently had a successful project on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is again in news.

This time the subject is not any of his movie projects rather his social work towards environmental concerns.

We all are aware of the fact that Leonardo Dicaprio is a very serious and active participant towards the concerns related to the dramatic climatic changes that the world is headed to.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Recently Leonardo DiCaprio has reported that he will give $ 15.6 million to ecological security and preservation projects planned for fighting environmental change.

The cash will be given through the establishment that bears the name of the Hollywood on-screen character. The declaration was distributed on 17 October by the Ecoportal.

His establishment was structured with securing the last wild places of the world and sparing defenseless untamed life from termination.

The on-screen character expresses that “environmental change is a reality and is going on now. It is the most serious risk that compromises mankind. ”

“Today we are altogether growing the degree of our concessions. What’s more, our cooperation with key accomplices to address the absolute most squeezing atmosphere issues. ” Said Leonardo DiCaprio.

Since 1998 and to date, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) has subsidized in excess of 200 tasks in 50 nations and five seas. Undertakings supporting 132 associations, with gifts worth $ 59 million put resources into ecological insurance and preservation.

With DiCaprio’s investment, species, for example, giraffes that are in danger of entering the rundown of imperiled species can be ensured. Furthermore, in this way, keep the poaching from slaughtering them.

Leonardo DiCaprio is surely the hero that the planet needs right now.

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