Kristen Bell to return as the narrator for HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl

“Hey, Upper East Siders!” Every Gossip Girl fan would immdiately read this in the iconic voice of Kristen Bell in their head. So for those who don’t know it yet, but Gossip Girl is all set to reboot for HBO Max, with the original creators already on board!

To top this amazing news is the latest development of Kristen Bell, who narrated the entire original series in her iconic voice, all set to return for the reboot. Her decision of reconnecting with the series was revealed by the statement of the creators of the series who are currently working on the reboot.

“Kristen Bell has always been and will always be the voice of Gossip Girl” the original series’ creators, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage along with former EP of Gossip Girl, Joshua Safran, said in a statement.

The reboot will take place 8 years after the Gossip Girl blog went dark and the cast will include fresh school goers of a private school of New York. The plot will include the impact of social media in the lives of the characters.

The fans will agree that Gossip Girl was indeed ahead of it’s time and even without social media they had their hands full with the plotting and planning. It will be interesting to watch the reboot in this tech savvy era.

Fans are also hoping for the original cast to have atleast a cameo. Though one can only hope.

No date has been announced yet for the release but it’s expected to go on floors in 2020. Till then the fans can binge watch the original series currently available on Netflix and gush over the Chanels, Pradas and  Guccis of Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Woldorf.

Till then  xoxo, Gossip Girl!

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