Joker movie trailer pops out | Joker 2019 promises enigmatic content

The world will soon be witnessing another Clown Prince of Crime when Joker movie debuts. This time, the Joker is played by Joaquin Phoenix, and he’s prepared to flip around Gotham City.

An mind blowing trailer of the Joker movie dropped on April 3,. The fans are now left excited till its release date in October 2019 and cant stop their wildest expectations about the movie’s plot to climb upon them.

What role will the still-intact Wayne family play in this twisted saga? What does a story about Gotham City without Batman even look like? The fans are left wondering with many such questions in their mind after the trailer of the Joker movie dropped.

Joker movie

This isn’t a Batman movie. He’s not in the title, he’s not in the abstract, he’s not on set.He’s not the center, the hero, or even, apparently, a noteworthy player. This is a tale about the Joker and the world that made him.

The story revolves around the 1980s, when a stand-up humorist is made crazy and goes to an existence of insanity and disorder in Gotham City .He turns into a notorious psychopathic crime figure.

In an interview the director Todd Phillips recommended that there could be potential for a Joker sequel. However it would be reliant on a couple of conditions. Primary condition among them being that Phoenix ventures into the shoes of the Clown Prince of Crime once again.

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