Joker Movie adds more expectation as it gets 8 minute standing ovation

Ever since the trailer of Joker movie dropped, everybody is holding up eagerly to watch the film. What’s interesting is that this most recent bit of news has left the fans even more desperate for the film.

Joker got a 8-minute long overwhelming applause at the debut of Venice film celebration. This is nothing unexpected as the film merited it. In any case, 8 minute is a first in history that any film got such a long-overwhelming applause.

Joker movie

Every critic who has watched the film have gone crazy about the movie. One of the global film critic stated, “#JokerMovie is the sort of film that characterizes an entertainer’s profession, kind of job and character that comes ideal. Heath Ledger’s #Joker reclassified the character, yet Phoenix bonds it as one of the best, darkest villians in true to life history. All hail Joaquin Phoenix!”

Without a doubt this film will be crazy and we just can’t contain our excitement to watch the film. Drop your remarks in the box underneath and let us know your insights about the Joker movie.

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