Johnny Galecki returns to “The Conners”

Johnny Galecki hopes to revive another one of his favorite sitcom characters. Johnny Galecki has recently wrapped up from the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Now the fans of Big Bang Theory can find some happiness in Galecki’s another venture. The fans have been missing the cast since the show went off air.

Johnny Galecki is returning to the show “The Conners as David Healy, the on-and-off boyfriend of Sara Gilbert’s Darlene Conner. The cast is going to shoot for season 2 of the ABC parody.

Johnny Galecki

Galecki started the character on the show “Roseanne“. On the show, the Conner family adapts to Roseanne’s demise, and Darlene turns into the focal point of the story.

Galecki likewise featured in two scenes of The Conners, with Juliette Lewis playing David’s girlfriend, Blue, another character made for the show.

Regardless of returning to his character for The Conners, Galecki recently said he wouldn’t stick around as a normal. He burned through 12 seasons as Dr. Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory, which wrapped up recently.

“I think I need a little bit of space from being a series regular again,” Johnny Galecki stated to a reporter.

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