ISRO Mangalyaan completes 5 years in Space | Mars Orbiter Mission

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is not just an institute for space research anymore but has become quite a vital factor in everyone’s life since a couple of years given the majestic victories and landmarks that ISRO Mangalyaan and many other projects have achieved and made the nation proud worldwide.

While ISRO’s ongoing space mission Chandrayaan 2 made us proud regardless of the difficulties it confronted, ISRO Mangalyaan Mission was additionally probably the greatest accomplishment.

ISRO Mangalyaan

It should be kept in mind that the mission ISRO Mangalyaan was required to last almost for a half year and five years on today ISRO Mangalyaan gives no indication of stopping or any technical glitch as of yet.

ISRO Mangalyaan completed its strategic five years in space on 25th September 2019.

In the crucial span of five years, ISRO Mangalyaan has been dynamic, it has permitted researchers at ISRO to build up a Martian Atlas with the pictures the orbiter has been sending to Earth.

ISRO Mangalyaan

According to ISRO, the orbiter has sent over 2TB (terabytes) of information.

Previous ISRO administrator AS Kiran Kumar said in an announcement to PTI, “This was the first occasion when we were going past the world’s gravitational field. During that period, you could experience non-ordinary circumstance which could have called for rectification and guaranteeing that specific recurrent activities would be required.

Mangalyaan was additionally commended for costing just Rs 450 crores which was extensively not as much as Academy Award Winning Hollywood movie Gravity and burdens less expensive than Nasa’s Maven orbiter.

K Sivan

ISRO had surely come a long way ahead in terms of Space exploration and K Sivan the present chief of ISRO is surely a proud man who has a team of tremendously talented scientists around him.

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