Iron Man to return in MCU | Exciting news for Downey Jr and fans

This would be the best thing that could ever happen for all MCU and Iron Man fans. Robert Downey Jr is good to go to be back as Iron Man in the Marvel franchise.

The fans are overwhelmed by this decision of MCU. When Robert Downey Jr bid adieu to MCU in Avengers:Endgame, the fans were left devastated, yet now it’s a great opportunity to value and live the minutes again in the side project.

Iron Man

According to reports , the Marvel supervisors are preparing for a series dependent on Ironheart.Its about a teenage who proceeds with Stark’s inheritance in the comic books.

The entertainer Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man will return in a voiceover as his character will be an AI, J.A.R.V.I.S., who will prepare RiRi Williams to turn into a hero.

Iron Man

Not long ago, the author presented Robert Downey Jr. at an occasion where he gave his endorsement for Ironheart to take over from Ironman in the Marvel universe. Other than ‘Ironman’ reboot, Disney CEO Bob Iger has effectively affirmed reimaginations of various fan most loved characters

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