Best Christian Movies On Hulu: 5 Picks to Feed Your Soul

by Hailey Greg
Best Christian Movies On Hulu

Movies are a glimpse into the world and the many belief systems within it, so think of more options to watch than just a thrilling horror sitting cozily in a bed. For example, Christian movies. I know what you’re thinking: Not only do many religious references acquaint an audience with a new concept or environment, but it truly depends on how the audience interprets the film and its storyline. So, if you have a spiritual or Christian soul, these movies might hit you in the right spot. 

A filmmaker’s religious beliefs can influence the tales they tell and how they convey them. So, don’t judge these movies before giving them a try. They may look too tacky or made for religious people, but they are fulfilling and calming films that are meant to ignite the spirit of love within your soul. So, without further ado, here’s a lowdown of the best Christian movies on Hulu.

1. Mass

Writer: Fran Kranz

Director: Fran Kranz

Cast: Reed Birney, Ann Dowd, Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, Breeda Wool

IMDb Rating: 6/10

Mass is a wonderful choice for getting things started. From start to finish, this 1 hour and 51-minute drama will make you feel like you’ve been hit by a moving bus. An amazing Fran Kranz directorial that has a 6 IMDB rating, with Reed Birney, Ann Dowd, Jason Isaacs, Martha Plimpton, and Breeda Wool as the primary stars

This video follows two families whose children were killed in a school shooting. Six years after the incident, the parents of both the victim and the perpetrator will square off. During a church discourse, values like forgiveness, empathy, anger, and love are put to the test. The film was shot over 14 days, yet you’d never guess it.

2. I Trapped the Devil (2019)

Director: Josh Lobo

Writer: Josh Lobo

Stars: Scott Poythress AJ Bowen Susan Burke

IMDb Rating: 4.8/10

I Trapped the Devil’s characters and situations will have you thinking and feeling profound. Belief is the game-changer in this understanding of the age-old clash between reason and emotion. In this video, Matt and his wife paid a Christmas visit to their estranged brother Steve. As night arrives, Matt makes a shocking discovery: his brother has a person locked in the basement. But Steve is certain that the guy in the trap is Satan. Even though Steve is paranoid, he has a sound intellect.

This adds a scary twist to an otherwise joyous day. Matt must decide whether to trust his brother and accept the impossible or to believe the supposed truths. Josh Lobo is the director and the movie stands out to be the best Christian films on Hulu, just made for spiritual individuals to find their true 

3. Greater

Director: David L. Hunt

Writers: Brian ReindlDavid L. Hunt

Stars: Neal McDonough Leslie Easter brook Christopher Severio

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Christian film lovers on Hulu who are also football fans will enjoy this film. Greater, based on the true life of an Arkansas football player, emphasizes the sport significantly more than the previous film on our list.

In Greater, we watch how real-life Arkansas football player Brandon Burlsworth overcome the stigma of being a little player throughout his career. Burlsworth had to give 110% all the time since he was physically little. It’s a film about a player who must believe in something larger than himself in order to put in the time and effort required to reach his ambitions. It’s directed by David L. Hunt and includes Neal McDonough, Leslie Easterbrook, and Christopher Severio in its cast. The film has a notable 7.3 rating!

4. Priceless 

Who says crime and Christian movies can’t go together? The film Priceless is about knowing what it means to believe and work hard to make things right, and it follows the story of a man who must maintain his faith despite being pushed to extremes. It’s also worth mentioning that this type of video calls into question a Christian’s beliefs.

The main character, James Stevens, enjoyed a nice existence until he was pushed into the fight of his life. Without the financial resources to keep his kid, he lost both his wife and his daughter in a custody battle. So he obtains a job driving a truck, but he ends up carrying two young women in secret. As James attempts to provide for his daughter and makes apologies for past issues in his life. It’s an amazing Christian film that is not just soulful but also makes you sit on the edge of your seat. Directed by Ben Smallbone, the movie stars Joel Smallbone, Bianca A. Santos, and David Koechner.

Director: Ben Smallbone

Writers: Chris Dowling (screenplay) Tyler Poelle (screenplay) Ben Smallbone (story)

Stars: Joel Smallbone Bianca A. Santos David Koechner

IMDb Rating: 6.0/10

5. 12 Pups of Christmas (2019)

Director: Michael Feifer

Writer: Michael Feifer

Stars: Charlotte Sullivan Donny Boaz Elizabeth Small

IMDb Rating: 4.0/10

Dogs, who doesn’t love them? Now imagine coming home the day before Christmas to discover a pack of 12 puppies waiting for you on your porch. I’d keep them, but Erin, our film’s protagonist, has to adopt them before Christmas. How would you react? Erin, a canine therapist who was formerly in a relationship but is now single, went to a new city to pursue a new job. Just when she thought things were looking good for her, her boss, Martin, assigned her this task.

Tensions build as they work together to finish the mission. Self-centeredness must be set aside for love to grow. The film is full of romance and might be the funniest Christian films on Hulu!

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