Gunther and Janice spill some beans over their iconic catchphrases on the show Friends

It’s been a long time since Friends originally showed up on our screens. Who can forget the six of them, New York-staying buddies who made us feel one of the guys as they made endless jokes.

Who would have thought that the jokes from the show would still be dropped into discussion among genuine conversations among real friends for decades to come.

But shouldn’t something be said about the other supporting characters on the show that kept going 10 seasons. They were similarly as influential as the rest of them in keeping us tuned in with the show.

Find out what Margaret Emily Wheeler — who played Janice, the famous on-and-off sweetheart of Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing — and James Michael Tyler — who played particular coffeehouse supervisor Gunther has to say about their roles in the sitcom.

How did Janice landed her role in Friends?

In an exclusive interview Margaret Emily Wheeler told that the audition for Friends came to her across fax machine at that time. So there it was, it was just two pages: the scene in the coffee shop where she’s telling Chandler that she’s purchased these Bullwinkle socks for him, squirrel, squirrel, and moose.

She auditioned for it one time and that first time the creators of the show sat back on the couch in the middle of my audition. She thought to herself, “Oh dear, I must have not chosen the right way to play this character.” But then they had her back and she did it again and then they gave her the job.

How did Gunther landed his role in Friends?

JAMES MICHAEL TYLER says that the night before the first episode that he appeared on, his friend decided to bleach his hair as an experiment. So he showed up the next day as an extra. They called him “coffee guy.” They put him behind the counter because he actually did have a job in a coffee shop but he was doing extra work just to help pay the bills and get a free meal.

When he walked in that first day and he could just tell, these people seem like they’ve known each other forever but they hadn’t. This was the first episode after the pilot. The producers liked the bleached-blonde hair so he had to keep it for 10 years.

Where did the iconic laugh and Oh. My. God. catchphrase of Janice come from?

On being asked about the famous catchphrase and laugh of Janice Wheeler told that the writers gave her that “Oh. My. God.” line, so that was gold. She experimented a bit on herself with that and of course, it became history.

The laugh she created in the first episode is because Matthew Perry is very, very funny and he is likely to make anyone laugh in the middle of the scene

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