Greta Thunberg joins Leonardo DiCaprio to tackle Climate Change

Nearly no one is stranger to the fact about Leonardo DiCaprio’s commitment towards climatic concerns and his foundation “Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation” which had always put tremendous efforts in supporting the noble cause in every possible way.

Recently the sixteen-year-old vegan activist, Greta Thunberg spent time with Academy Award winner and fellow climate crisis activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thunberg has made various prominent fans with her fights. Prior this week singer Robbie Williams reacted to critics of Greta Thunberg.

“No matter what you think of Greta or her speech, her tone of her facial expressions, her anger, her passion, she should be allowed to do that without reproach,” he said. “Comments from unempathetic [expletive] are not going to help the young girl’s psyche, whichever way you lean on the climate.”

Previous California Governor and activity star Arnold Schwarzenegger has likewise adulated Thunberg. He said he was mighty impressed when the two initially met not long ago. After she cruised to New York, Schwarzenegger loaned her his electric vehicle to drive to Canada for fights there.

The young girl was casted off onto the world organize in the wake of playing hooky on Fridays to fight environmental change. She before long built up an after and different understudies over the globe joined the Fridays for Future development.

Thunberg as of late conveyed an amazing discourse to world pioneers at the UN. The discourse was a takeoff from her typically held aura.

She scolded world leaders. She warned them that young people of today will be watching and holding them accountable for climate offenses.

After being spotted with the renowned Actor Leonardo DiCaprio who is also an environmental activist of great stature since a very long time the world can expect great things to be happening in favor of Earth, nature and climatic change.

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