This character on Friends earned the most over the 10 seasons

At the point when the tenth and last period of Friends broadcast in 2003, its six stars were paid an expected $1m per scene by NBC and Warner Bros.

It was a sweet $22m payday for Jennifer Aniston and co, and the speculation satisfied – scenes of the show keep on running consistently around the globe somewhere in the range of 15 years on.

Yet, while the give are multi-tycoons a role because of the show’s prosperity, have you at any point thought about what amount the genuine characters made during their 10-year time span inside the Friends universe?

Chandler was the steadiest worker all through the show, on account of his agreeable job as an IT obtainment administrator, and saw his check rise step by step from $50,000 every year to $100,000, before it dropped strongly in the last season when he turned into a publicizing marketing specialist.

Monica was another consistent worker all through the show, bringing home a compensation of up to $80,000 on account of her job as head gourmet specialist at Javu.

Shockingly, it was jobbing on-screen character Joey who earned the most astounding single-year sum, with his yearly salary spiking at about $130,000 when he won a job as co-star in a component film.

Phoebe reliably earned the most reduced measure of the anecdotal companion gathering, on account of a progression of random temp jobs including busking, rub work and being an extra on Days of Our Lives.

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