Find out which actor is all set to play the role of Alfred in upcoming Matt Reeves Batman.

Matt Reeves “Batman” which is scheduled for release in 2021 is very much in talk these days.

Robert Pattinson starred “Batman” is releasing new and exciting news everyday in revealing the cast of the movie.

Andy Serkis is in consideration of the makers to play Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s reliable Butler, in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”. In the meanwhile Colin Farrell is being looked at to play the well known Batman villain the Penguin.

Robert Pattinson is all set to play the iconic role of Batman, Zoe Kravitz will play Catwoman and Paul Dano is set to play the Riddler.

The Penguin, who was once previously played by Danny DeVito in “Batman Returns,” marks Farrell’s first comic-book role since playing Bullseye in 2003’s “Daredevil.”

Serkis joins the positions of Michael Gough, Michael Caine and Jeremy Irons, who have recently played Alfred. Serkis and Reeves have a solid relationship, returning to their days on “Planet of the Apes,” which Reeves coordinated while Serkis played the key character of Caesar.

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