Find out the items stole by Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad set

Aaron Paul’s El Camino : A Breaking Bad movie which was released recently on Netflix was very well responded by fans.

The fans who all were very concerned about Jesse Pinkman’s ending in the series Breaking Bad were finally relaxed after the movie El Camino provides jesse Pinkman with a better closure.

Aaron Paul was lately spotted at Stadium Goods in New York City for another scene of “Shoe Shopping” with Complex’s Joe La Puma, where he examined everything shoes and Breaking Bad, including a portion of the famous things he took from the set.

For example, Paul says he kept some of Jesse Pinkman’s essential stuff from Breaking Bad and El Camino, just as the pink teddy bear and the Los Pollos Hermanos truck entryways.

In spite of all the props that he brought home from the set, Paul says he was restricted from keeping the one thing he truly needed – the pair of Nikes that Jesse wore in the early scenes.

La Puma and Paul also broke down his love for Vans and Converse, Jesse’s style, Walter White’s Wallabees, and his Price Is Right appearance many years ago.

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