Find out how Tesla’s new model is super helpful for wheelchair users

Its not that long when Tesla released yet another model in the autonomous automobile industry.

Since its release the model had attracted much attention and more precisely criticism for its features.

Tesla’s new Smart Summon has been critisized for not being extremely viable, however another video indicates how it demonstrates to be helpful for wheelchair clients.

Smart Summon builds on Tesla’s previous “Summon” feature, which was used by owners to move their cars autonomously for a few feet in their driveway or in tight parking situations.

With the update version , owners can Summon their Tesla vehicles from further away, and the autos will explore progressively complex leaving situations.

CEO Elon Musk says that it has just been utilized more than multiple times and it’s “Tesla’s most popular component.”

Many Tesla owners posted videos of their vehicles being involved in crashes and near misses while using the new Smart Summon feature.

Aside from the issues with the early use of the feature and the novelty of moving the car without anyone inside, it hasn’t been clear if there are many useful use cases for Smart Summon.

In any case, a YouTuber is presently featuring a really valuable utilization of Smart Summon for individuals in wheelchairs.

Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor, a wheelchair client, from the Jerry Rig Everything YouTube channel as of late purchased a Tesla Model X and shared a video demonstrating how it is an extraordinary vehicle for somebody in a wheelchair:

Tesla’s Summon is valuable to stop and escape a tight parking space for anybody, however this issue happens significantly more regularly for individuals in wheelchairs since they have to open their entryways a lot more extensive so as to get in and out.

That is the place Smart Summon turns out to be considerably more helpful as shown in the video.

Many of us don’t really think about the challenges of people with disabilities but Tesla necessarily had that in mind when developing the feature. Its really great to witness such a gesture from Tesla.

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