Find out how Joaquin Phoenix transformed for the role of Joker

A great deal of on-screen characters drive themselves to various boundaries to excel at the role that they need to play onscreen. To article the notorious character of Joker has never been simple and Joaquin Phoenix did the desired hard work for it.

Joaquin Phoenix, who is playing Joker in the upcoming movie, did everything that he could need to expert the character. He had to shed 52 pounds (approx 23.5 kgs) however unusually, he had no clue about the significance of weight reduction to the role.

Joaquin Phoenix

“There’s something enjoyable about not having to answer a lot of those questions. It requires a certain amount of participation from the audience that feels different,” director Phoenix was quoted as saying by LA Times.

It took Joker director four months to persuade Joaquin Phoenix to take up this notable job, for which he has the most elevated chances of winning an Oscar? What’s more, it took a year for him to persuade Warner Bros to express yes to R-rated Joker.

The Oscar nominated actor only signed the movie once he was convinced that he would be allowed to play “a complex flesh-and-blood character in shades of gray rather than a black-and-white cartoon villain.”

Joker is slated to release on Oct 14.

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