El Camino: Breaking Bad movie|What should fans be expecting from the movie

As we all know El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie will debut on Netflix on October 11th, the date for which the fans are eagerly waiting for.

But what would the fans might expecting to see in the movie El Camino. There are few anticipations of what we should expect from the movie.

The primary thing is that if El Camino truly wants to satisfy its fans of Breaking Bad it has to feel like the extension of the series.The easiest way to do this is through the practice of callbacks.

Breaking Bad used to rely on callbacks more often which they continued in their spin off series Better Call Saul.

El Camino will only have a few hours to narrate its story and we don’t want it to constantly remind us the events from the Breaking Bad show.

We feel that El Camino won’t be featuring too many returning characters from Breaking Bad for the fact that majority of the supporting characters were dead by the time show got over.

Saul Goodman

But we are damn sure about Saul Goodman who got out safely from the town as depicted in the spin off Better Call Saul and ended up working in a mall in Omaha as depicted in the latest trailer of El Camino.

Badger and Skinny Pete

As the latest trailer of El Camino shows the Police are after Jesse and Jesse goes to his friends Badger and Skinny after he unshackles himself from the meth world.

We already know that Skinny Pete will be involved in El Camino as we see in the trailer the Police are interrogating him about Jesse’s whereabouts.

Badger released an official statement to the press earlier confirming his role in the movie El Camino.

El Camino: Breaking Bad movie

Whatever road lies ahead of Jesse Pinkman it will not be an easy one. But we hope that it brings some kind of closure or peace for Jesse.

Walter White

Now we should talk about the key ingredient of the show Breaking Bad Walter White aka Heisenberg. Walter White is the black, infected.

We all know that the show ended on a very depressing note revealing Walter White’s death to the viewers or has he really died? That’s the question to ponder over. However as of now we are thinking his character to be dead.

However his inclusion to the screen adds immense importance and timing to the scene and Vince Gilligan might not want to miss that in the movie El Camino.

It could be a flashback or a drug induced vision, it could also be a recording that Walter White made for Pinkman in the event of his death that could be used in the movie which would make the fans immensely nostalgic.

Fans would love to have a glimpse of the most important character of the show and at least for the sake of Walter White’s character Bryan Cranston deserves it.

Walter White is indeed dead but the legacy that he created in the meth world is sure to linger on for quite a long time.


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