El Camino:Breaking Bad movie trailer erupts thrills all around social media

After releasing the teaser Netflix just dropped the first trailer of El Camino : Breaking Bad movie and it took the Youtube by storm.

El Camino which is set to be released on 11th October on Netflix is sure to send some chills down your spine. The trailer shows the whereabouts of Jesse Pinkman with an intense background music.

When we last saw him in the final episode of Breaking Bad in 2013 Jesse rushed out into the woods liberating himself from the shackles of drug mafia.

The movie El Camino is expected to show the troubles of Jesse in getting over his troublesome past. Earlier in the teaser we saw Skinny Pete, Jesse’s friend in the show Breaking Bad who was being interrogated about Jesse’s whereabouts.

Although Vince Gilligan the El Camino’s director and the creator of the show Breaking Bad has still not revealed the casts of the movie due to which there is a wave of excitement among fans and not to forget about Mr.White(Bryan Cranston).

It would be hell of a job for Vince Gilligan to include glimpses of Walter White in the movie given that he dies in the final episode or does he? Well, all we saw was Bryan Cranston lying in the pool of blood. Just saying!!

As of this point we only know that Jesse (Aaron Paul) is leading the movie along with his two friends Badger and Pete from the show.

El Camino: Breaking Bad movie

The rest of the cast for the movie El Camino still remains a mystery but that would be finally over at 11th October when the world witnesses another master piece from Gilligan and fans would be left rejoicing after a gripping thriller and a closure in favor of Jesse Pinkman.

Here’s a look at the trailer

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